In Summary

“A week later, she got a bit furious and confronted him about his obvious lack of interest. She asked him, ‘are you not attracted to me in any way?’ to which he replied, ‘no.’

In this day and age, of very carefully cultivated social appearances and calculated personality moves, one often finds themselves conforming to things and standards that may not mean much to them as individuals, but it is what society expects of them.
Today, our subject is Dennis, a man whose interest in women is practically nonexistent. His disinterest is so complete, it is puzzling. Some girls like the fact that he can talk to them just like any other man. I think this has to do with the way other men try to patronise them or see them in a sex-object context.

Most of them are sure he is hiding something, but after observing him for a long time, I have come to the conclusion that he is simply not interested in humans as functions of gender. We are all simply ‘human’ to him. The same conclusion that Jackie had to come to after chasing after the man for a couple of months and not making any progress.

See, the first time they met, she liked the fact that she could talk to him without him constantly checking her out, or ‘treating her like a woman’. When he did not even ask her for her number, or show any interest in seeing her again, she figured that this was the kind of man she had been looking for all her life. A man with sufficient self-control, not merely pretence at self-control because she could see through those fakers. This one was real.

So, she made efforts, got his number and quite simply asked him if he would like to have a drink. He said yes without giving it thought. But by the end of their first date, Jackie was already wondering if he had even noticed that she was female.

But that did not deter her, she had found the man she wanted, and she was going to make it work. She even briefly wondered if he had a girlfriend, but he did not act like someone who had a girl, or at least someone he was seeing seriously. So, she dismissed that thought and proceeded to steadily wooing him.

Four weeks later, she had nothing to show for it and she was starting to get irritated. She had liked his cool detached way, but now she wanted him to notice her as a woman. A week later, she got a bit furious and confronted him about his obvious lack of interest. She asked him, ‘are you not attracted to me in any way?’ to which he replied, ‘no.’
“Are you seeing someone else?” and again he answered, “no”. Then she asked, “why are you not attracted to me?” which was a very good question because she was an attractive woman. And he looked at her, and prepared to explain for the millionth time that he had no interest in females.

She was smart enough not to ask him if he was interested in men instead, but the need to ask was too great that she instead said, “I hope he or she, whoever gets your attention will be worth it.” She had realised that she had to let go.

But she liked him, so they became good friends, primarily because she did not like him have to explain himself to every one; so, she hang around him, told off people - especially girls- who realised he had no interest in them that she was his girl, and in a way, with him, he no longer had to explain his ‘curious disinterest’ in women any more. That was until she got engaged to someone else, then it all started again.