I was sitting at my desk last week a few minutes after 6pm. I took water from the textured water bottle sitting on the desktop. A headline on a webpage caught my attention. It was the title to a very bizarre story. ‘Woman attempts to eat live Octopus.’ This I have to see for myself, I thought as I clicked on the headline.

Another page opened and there it was. A picture of an Asian woman with an octopus on her face. My lips slowly curved into a grin. It is a little entertaining when people go out to do dumb things. There was a short story to go with the picture. Apparently, this woman is a blogger and wanted to increase her fan base by eating the live Octopus. That is downright macabre if you ask me.

A section had a video window where the whole story would play out. Because I am an inquisitive person, I played the disturbing video. This was like the most grotesque thing I have ever seen. Unbeknownst to this woman, she had met her match. This octopus would not be digested without a fight.

The animal wrapped its tentacles around her face with a vice like grip. The woman, sensing trouble, realised the gravity of her error. She struggled to pull off the little beast to no avail.

The animal bit her face leaving behind bloody bite marks. Finally, she pulled the animal off and what is interesting is that her camera crew was filming the entire time. They didn’t help her battle the octopus. No, they sat back and watched.

So what goes into the mind of someone that decides they are going to eat a live octopus? Is this some sort of weird bucket list item? Did they wear makeup for this event? What did she say to her boyfriend? “I’m going to eat a live octopus today on camera.” “Oh sweet, that is a stellar idea,” did he say? Will she ever look at an octopus the same way? Previously, she probably thought it to be a harmless tentacled delicacy.

Now she must think it a football sized monster with devious intentions.
A dramatic change in worldviews right there. The octopus on the other hand lived to see another day. A hero in the world of sea creatures. I think the Internet is slowly but surely driving us insane.