Holding the show at the Kampala Railway Station was an excellent idea. From the picturesque setting to the extremely long runway bringing the New York fashion week experience to Kampala.

Kampala Fashion Week is known for its adventurous feel; the collections are in most cases trend-less, which is reflective of what it is like in this country.

You can literally have four seasons in just one day. That said, it was impossible not to notice these standout trends from the three days of back-to-back presentations.

African prints
Making the boldest statement, African prints took centre stage during the shows. Brands such as Eguana Kampala, Beau Sapeur, Catherine and Sons (Men’s), Guy Maza and more worked with dramatic African prints.

While Beau Sapeur worked with clean and coherent prints, Guy Maza clashed them, mixing different patterns and colours. It is evident that prints are here to stay.

Crotchet all day
There is no doubt that one of the standout collections from day two was Nina Mire’ and Ekete’s beautiful marriage of colourful crotchet pieces and geometric basket bags.

What they offered was the perfect beachwear ensemble. The knitwear did not end there, IGC Fashion offered its own iteration of the trend through avant-garde costumes that, if I might be blunt, cannot be worn by the faint of heart.

Easy breezy
Comfort is the new chic, you want to wear something that drapes freely on your body, makes you feel good and above all, really stylish.

NFKA, had these really easy breezy dresses that swayed freely on the models’ bodies.

Catherine & Sons is loved for its wear and go pieces made from recycled fabrics. Gloria Wavamunno offered the same, albeit worn with flip-flops.
I guess this was to highlight the freedom the clothes give you, no need to slip on heels to make them work.

Accessories as wearable art
Accessories go a long way in sprucing up an outfit, probably because they cannot stand on their own.
Well, accessories designer, Margaux Wong from Burundi proved that accessories can stand on their own as wearable art.

Kiumbe, from Kenya did the same with their collaboration with Gloria Wavamunno. And, not to forget Ekete’s basket bags. It is not about accessories complementing clothes anymore, but the other way round.