In Summary

It is not magical that an individual has a perfect wall for a long period of time while others renovate every so often. It goes down to how one takes care of their walls. Here is what could ruin your wall.

Rather than giving a house shape and completion, a wall is always that one thing that beautifies the house depending on the way it is handled. Most walls get messy because there are precautions people ignore simply because they do not care about effects on their homes in the long run.

Meridah Nandudu, an interior designer at Dah interiors, says there are those specific things we put in the house thinking that they will add beauty forgetting how the walls will be left looking after they are taken off.

Wall stickers
She says much as the wall stickers make the walls beautiful, they are temporary things that leave a negative effect on the walls when they are taken off.
“Sometimes the stickers take off the paint from the wall or even soften the paint, which leaves the wall bare and this means you either leave that part that way, or paint the whole room, which gets too expensive,” says Nandudu.

She says when opting to use wall stickers, look out for those that have paint-friendly glue and will leave your wall neat even after you have removed it or you can completely do without it.

Dump items next to the wall
“Sometimes we do not mind about what we leave in the room, especially next to the wall but that is what actually destroys the walls,” says Samson Owidi, a builder.

He says walls sometimes have moisture that people do not notice but leaving dump things such as clothes, rags and natural flowers next to the wall, may worsen the moisture build up below the paint.

He further says sometimes leaving an item stagnant at the wall or leaning against the wall may also cause damage to the wall because the place will always be covered hence leaving less aeration for the spot.

Wall covers
Mary Namukose, an interior designer at Darfur company, says it is better for an individual to opt for wall drawings other than wall covering because this will just need to be repainted but with wall coverings, when removed, they may leave your walls open with cement popping out.

She says wall covers sometimes make the room have double colour depending on the time it has lasted on the wall because the covered part will not have faded paint while the exposed wall will have faded paint, which is not a pleasant appearance.

Wall paper
Apart from that, she says having wallpaper placed directly on a dry wall ruins the wall because when time for removing it comes, then it will come off with the cement and this is in most cases, makes people decide to just paint the wall paper since they cannot afford to spoil their wall.

Drilling holes on the wall
Namukose says wall drilling happens because people want to hang something on the wall like curtains, wall hangings, shelves forgetting that once the items are pulled off from the wall, the holes get bigger and leave a gap to be filled.

She says there are alternatives that one can consider other than drilling holders on the wall for instance, she says people who want to have wall hangings can consider having one cabinet where they can place their art pieces and frame or better still, use wall clips that will leave the place intact.

She further says there are also those who use glue wall clips to have their items up but this too does not leave the wall without taking off the paint and leaving a patch.
In most cases, this cannot hold heavy things so it may end up dropping on its own.

Cleaning the walls
Jackline Biira, an interior designer at Spaces by Jackline, says no one loves looking at dirty walls and washing them is one of the cheapest options one go for.
“Washing is safe but only for paints that are durable and water resistant but also when doing that, you need not to use rough scrubbers that will end up leaving the scratches on the wall and expose the under coat,” advises Biira.

She says part from using water, there are some stains water cannot remove and you may require to use things like spirit or paraffin to force the stains off hence leaving a scratches because a lot of effort and force will need to be used to get rid of stains.

What to do when the walls are damaged

Painting: Hilary Opolot, a builder and painter says this is the common alternative one has because it is can either be done by a professional or even the owner of the premises. Usually, when using paint to cover up the damages, someone ought to come up with something creative if they do not intend to repaint the whole room otherwise instead of adding beauty, they will just ruin the look.

Fill the holes: Opolot says nothing can be done to the walls if there are hole so it is best to first fill the holes before taking the next step. He says this saves the person from harbouring things like bedbugs and having a wall that looks roughly done.

Renovate: Finally he says when the wall is overly damaged, one may choose to have the room fully renovated and this means plastering the wall right from the beginning and painting for a beautiful finishing.

Cover with something beautiful: Isabel Odida, an interior designer at Odida Interiors, says you can opt for beautiful wall hangings, family portraits, art pieces or rugs to cover the damaged spot. Much as having them on the wall is usually the cause of the wall damage, you can do it in a way that no wall will be touched and this is by using a single item harbour all the pieces used like having a shelf on that spot.