In Summary

My inspiration. Simon Wanyera is a third year Education student at Makerere University. He served as academic minister in the 2016/17 guild cabinet. He has been at the forefront of many strikes since he joined Makerere, writes Godfrey Lugaaju.

I wish I had the opportunity to describe her verbally because her contribution and support to my welfare, upbringing and education is overwhelming.
The 33-year-old civil engineer who I prefer to refer to as engineer Annet Wazemba is my sister.

In that regard, her endeavours to ensure and monitor the shaping of my lifestyle in religious and socioeconomic spheres of life can never be underestimated.
As a born again Christian, she manoeuvred to reposition my life to what I can term as the holy and faithful principles of the same religion. To date, I can attribute my venture into leadership to the great induction I received from her which was hinged on none other than faith.

I can confidently testify Wazemba’s passion, love and care for me when she sacrificed majority of her desirables to provide me with formal education that saw me making it to university.

Wanyera’s sister Annet Wazemba.

I imagine the hardships she went through to effect the care, especially in such an arena characterised by the worst economic and social upheavals. Indeed, I am sometimes compelled to portray her as a blessing from God.

The population will always and has always wondered at my distinct, seemingly organised character attributed to my advocating for freedom and human rights, but my organisation is mostly hinged towards the lady described in the latter.
I will live to remember when she caught me fighting and she whispered in my ear, ‘concentrate on your books, your future is bright!’
‘Even if the only thing in your world is falling apart, you will always have [me]. I make the vow in the regard that you are a pillar to my inspiration and courage,’ she told me.

Greatest advice
The everlasting advice I received from her gets me moving and surviving in the political, social and economic circles of this country.
The God-fearing, generous and justice-loving citizen with her Omni present advice to me guided my venture into the county’s political structures as a freedom fighter. In fact, I can relate her conduct to that of Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel and Janet Yellen.
As the early morning bird cries, I get out of my bed with no any other inspiration but my sister’s. I would not want to imagine if she had not been with me.

I will always apologise to her for the disastrous and disorganised political governance of this country much as I am not the cause. But according to her teachings, I’m obliged to fight and advocate for justice and equality because of the born again Christian foundation she instilled in me.
I, however, gave her courage and hope about the end of the said political disorganisation by resorting to intensifying activism until her wish comes true.

Thank you

Simon Wanyera

I thank you so much my dear sister for helping me. The Wanyera people see and know today would not have existed without the strong virtues you instilled in me. I cannot thank you enough for being there in my time of need.
My dear sister, you have no idea how much your help contributed to what I am today. Your hospitality made my life even more amazing, thank you for your kindness I cannot wait to return the favour someday.
I use her inspiration to survive. She is strong and brave, I am extremely proud of her.

I do not want to be around people any more that judge or fuss about what people do. I want to be around people who dream, support and do things.
My sister, there is a special place in my heart for you because you were with me at my lowest and still loved me when I wasn’t lovable. I will always look up to you.

I live up to her in so many ways and she inspires me more than she ever imagined. I know I was once the annoying little brother who got everything he wanted, and she was the mean big sister who always picked on me.
I know I am lucky to have a big sister, and even luckier to have one that I am so close to. I appreciate her for not only being my sister but also being the greatest friend I could ever ask for.