Bodysuits aren’t anything new; they are work wear for ballet dancers and have been spotted on the bodies of many pop stars as they perform on stage. However, the trend is getting off stage and becoming a street style staple. It was one of the hottest trends at the recent edition of Blankets and Wine. There’s no doubt that bodysuits are perfect for festival style, and even away from it.
A bodysuit can be a one-piece swimsuit with a snap or hook at the groin or a leotard. They come in different styles. Scoop-neck and plunging necklines, others with backless detail and some even come with long-sleeves and a turtleneck line for women that wish to indulge but still want to cover up. Their fit is really flattering on the skin, and there’s no need to constantly adjust or tuck in. The fabrics used to make them are usually super soft and light on the skin. They are also sexy in a way that you don’t have to try too hard.
This is everything you need on a day out in the sun.

How to wear your bodysuit

-Dare to be different and wear your bodysuit with trousers and a blazer to give men’s wear a feminine spin. This can even work as work wear.
-Body suits work really perfect when paired with denim. It can be skinny jeans, loose fitting jeans or even shorts. The options are endless.
-Wear your bodysuit with a skirt and stand out. This can be a pencil skirt for that sophisticated look.
-Go the bohemian way, and wear a flowy skirt over your bodysuit. This is perfect for festival style.
-Explore all options possible by mixing and matching different colours and designs.