In Summary

Drive. The kingdom will conduct an awareness campaign in Europe this week.

Kampala. Buganda Land Board (BLB) will begin electronic registration of land in the United Kingdom and other European countries to enable Ugandans acquire land while abroad. The system will use the Land Electronic Card.
In an interview with Daily Monitor on Saturday, BLB managing director Kyewalabye Male said kingdom officials led by Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga will, this week, travel to the United Kingdom to promote the system before going to Denmark and the Netherlands.
“The main purpose of BLB’s participation is to reach out to most of the Kabaka’s subjects living in the diaspora and create awareness on land matters including introducing to them the board’s new developments that contribute to their wellbeing especially in the land sector,” he said.

He added: “The board has a wide client base in the diaspora which has suffered fraudulent transactions, compared to those clients back home. We have cases of impersonation even by the supposed trustees and relatives, among others.”
The Land Electronic Card is similar to an ATM card. It is fitted with a microchip identifier that carries all an individual’s land related information. For any land transactions, one is required to present the card and it stores other relevant information regarding other land within the kingdom.