Nissan Teanna and Toyota Camry are luxury mid-size sedans which are an attractive choice for youthful corporates or business people who want to balance performance and practicality. Nissan and Toyota developed these two models to cover the market segment between the smaller saloon vehicles such as the Nissan Altima or Toyota Corolla and the bigger ones such as Nissan Skyline or Toyota MarkII.

They are not so big but are comfortable and run on efficient engines. A popular engine choice for the 2003 Nissan Teana is the 2.3-litre six cylinder petrol V6 VQ23DE which delivers a power output of 127 KW (171 HP) @ 6000 rpm. The 2003 Toyota Camry’s most popular engine option is the 2.4 litre petrol line 4 2AZFE engine which produces an output of 115 kW (154 HP) @ 5600 rpm.

Nissan Teana’s 2.5-litre V6 engine does not hold back when you need to charge full speed ahead. Power delivery is silky smooth, and there is actually a pleasant rumble in the engine note when you floor the accelerator pedal. Teana’s QR25DE engine partnership with a Continously Variable Transmission (CVT) ensures a smooth power transition from low to high gears.

The Teana’s 2.5L engine’s strong mid-range torque ensures prompt acceleration on-demand. However, this thrilling performance is slightly unsporty as the CVT transmission does not give the sensation of kicking down and watching the revs pull across the tacho when you floor it.

Toyota Camry’s 2AZFE engine is less aggressive and unexciting as it responds slower like a donkey drawn carriage when you kick down. However Camry gives you a better balance between performance and fuel economy thanks to its lower output rev curves, multi point electronic fuel injection, Variable Valve Timing (VVTi) and Double overhead camshafts (DOHC).

Nissan Teana and Toyota Camry are independently sprung all-round, featuring the usual MacPherson front and multi-link rear layout found in front-wheel drive cars. Both cars provide good highway handling manners.

On some of Uganda’s highways with winding bends and sudden trading centre bump stops, the Teana and Camry have good response and maintain firm but comfortable road holding. Steering response of both cars is good when swerving or maneuvering sharp bends and there is no sway typical to smaller cars with a narrower wheel base.

Styling, comfort and safety
The Nissan Teana is the most photogenic car of the two Japanese barges, it has a clean cut no-frills look with a big prominent chrome grille up front and size able headlamps.

Teana’s side angle looks grand while its rear end has a more outstanding character. The Camry on the other hand looks a little bland and austere. However its lines and flow-through textures will retain its appeal as time goes by.

The interior design of the Teana and the Camry is classy and elegant. All the modern comfort features for entertainment and convenience such as CD audio, automatic air conditioning, electric windows and mirrors with soft touch are provided. Modern safety features like the four channel Anti lock brakes (ABS), Air bags for the driver and passenger are standard features.

Reliability and resale value
The Teana and Camry are reliable cars if bought in a good condition. Insist on a technical inspection report by an independent technician. It is important to consider the mileage of the car as it will determine how soon you have to replace a lot of expensive parts.

Overall the Teana and Camry have good availability of fast moving service parts such as engine service filters. However, the Camry has a better availability of suspension and body parts, especially with the parts sellers in downtown Kampala.

The Camry, therefore, has a better resale value. The CVT gearbox on the Teana performs well but can be costly to service as it requires expensive CVT oil only available at the local Nissan dealer an attempt to use wrong oil breaks it down.

The Camry has three star points for a better engine economy and good handling, space, comfort and good safety ratings, a more reliable maintenance parts supply hence a better resale value.

Teana has three star points for better engine power and good handling on road, better styling, good space, comfort and safety standards. Both cars are a tie in this head to head.
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