It is important to pick an excellent name for your start-up. The name you pick most probably defines the success of your start-up in one way or another. Coming up with a remarkable name is even easier than creating your first product or service yet the name carries a lot of weight when it comes to the success of the start-up. As such, a good name makes positioning easier. But what are the key elements that you could consider when coming up with the name of your start-up?

The first letter
The first letter of the start-up’s name should at least appear early in the alphabet. One day somebody will want to make a list of companies for an exhibition and if the name of your start-up starts with ‘Z’ then automatically it will appear last. This truth also applies to directories such as the Monitor Business Directory. It is also important to avoid letters that are difficult to pronounce, such as ‘X’ or even ‘Z’.

Avoid numbers
Using numbers within the chosen name is definitely a bad idea. You have probably come across companies around the city with names consisting of years of may be when they were incorporated, say, 2,000 LTD. Quite often, nobody remembers the numbers part and they are quite confusing because people wonder whether to spell the number as (two thousand) or to use numerals (2000).
Use a name with a ‘verb’ potential
The last time you thought of doing a search of a certain word on the internet, you probably thought to yourself, ‘let me google it.’ Well, it did not just happen that you ended up just ‘googling’ the word. Sergey Brin and his co – founder Larry Page had thought about it when choosing the name ‘Google’ for their search engine. They probably looked for a name that would fit the mainstream language as a verb. Names that work as a verb are short, say, two to three syllables. On the other hand, they are not tongue twisters.

Sound logical
Ultimately, the name you choose must at least match with what you do. It would be paramount that the moment somebody spells the name of your start-up, it connects with your product or service without attaching an explanation.

Paul Njuguna,
Email: [email protected]