In Summary

Much as laundry is part of our routine, some people dread it while others are too busy to get it done. You can get paid to do other people’s laundry, Dorothy Nakaweesi explains.

Work for most people dictates that you give it undivided attention. But not everyone is cut out for the 8-5 pm job.
There are now options of earning money or supplementing your income.
Gone are the days when almost everyone dreamt of being employed in an air-conditioned office, have a swinging chair and be served spiced tea.
But this kind of life has come with its busy schedules in that balancing life and work is still a challenge for many.
Some people have turned this into opportunities with creative services.
Did you know that money and a lot of it is not in the most obvious places we expect it to be?

Lately, many people are making a killing and transforming their lifestyles from money earned from odd jobs.
You can actually earn ‘clean’ money by doing mobile laundry services.
Mobile home laundry services entail sorting, washing, drying and ironing (pressing) the laundry. Currently, most people involved in this business from home or on a small-scale use manual methods such as hand washing.

This is a business prospect that requires no starting capital but yourself.
So, why not offer laundry services to those who are too busy to do so and earn some money?
Indeed business startups adviser Newton Buteraba, also the chief executive officer of House of Wealth, says: “Mobile laundry is one those services which requires almost no capital for one to start but can turn around your life in a few weeks. It will put bread on your table because of its demand lately especially in the growing suburbs.”

Yes! This is very lucrative especially that one requires no capital or just little money to start like many other businesses.
Mr Buteraba advises you to first carryout a market research on who would want to make use of your services.
“Introduce your idea to the people in your locality that you can do laundry for them at a fee,” Mr Buteraba says.
Leave your contacts and a letter from the local council. This will help you build trust amongst your clients.
Your value proposition should be convenient for your clientele and under their watch. Make sure that you offer a rate slightly lower than what they have been paying before to keep you in business.

If you can handle three homes on average daily at an average rate of Shs30,000 per home, at the end of the week, you will have accumulated Shs210,000. This will translate into a monthly profit of Shs840,000.
Remember, you are not spending on water and detergents.
Ms Caroline Nabukalu, a mother of seven, has been offering this service to several households in Kira –Town Council for six years.
Sharing her story with Prosper Magazine, Ms Nabukalu said: “I started with two clients who later referred me to other clients. Currently, I offer services to four permanent clients.”
Besides offering laundry services, Nabukalu does general house cleaning for some of the clients.

She shares that the four clients pay her monthly and the rates vary between Shs150,000 and Shs100,000 a disparity brought about by the several services she offers.
“If I offer laundry alone, I charge Shs100,000, Laundry plus pressing (ironing) is for Shs130,000 while laundry, ironing and general house cleaning costs Shs150,000,” she shares.

At the end of the month, Nabukalu’s account is credited with Shs500,000 from the four alone clients.
Above and beyond Nabukalu’s permanent clients, she also gets other people who do not frequent request for her services. On average, she charges Shs30,000 for laundry and general house cleaning. If its laundry alone, a client parts with Shs20,000.