In Summary

Some specs
Braking system: Four-wheel power-assisted disc brakes with Electronic Controlled Braking.
Steering: Electronic Power Steering (EPS) system, 2.9 turns, lock to lock.
Transmission: 10-speed electronically controlled Direct-Shift automatic transmission with paddle shifter.

If you are looking for a used luxury car, you are probably thinking about going for a BMW or a Mercedes or some other car that you refuse to let people eat in, even though you are the third owner.
Buying a BMW 7-series instead of a Mercedes S-Class does not mean you prefer one German brand over the other or anything of significance. All it means is that you like the best. In fact in the eighties, the only luxury cars available were from Europe only and extremely expensive. Enter the Lexus from Toyota, a company that believed they could do it better and cheaper.

When the Lexus brand debuted just over two decades ago, the luxury automaker offered just two cars. One was a midsize sedan that was essentially a re-skinned Toyota Camry. The other was a large sedan that started its life as a clean sheet of paper.
That big cruiser was the LS 400, and along with a big V8 engine and all the expected luxury features, it had impeccable build quality and a relatively low price tag. It also had a lot of German luxury brand executives choking on their drinks as it burned its way up the sales charts and shamed their cars in terms of overall reliability.

Perhaps most telling of this Lexus’ success was how the prices of its rivals began dropping as the Lexus LS gained popularity. No longer simply an alternative, the LS is a fully qualified choice for a luxury sedan, just like the traditional BMW 7 Series and the dramatically more expensive Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

The interior
Nonetheless, a Lexus might not impress your friends as much as the German counterparts would when side by side for the same model years. As a matter of fact the interior has subtle accents of the Toyota bloodline. Nevertheless because of this very reason, the LS is a very reliable car where you worry not about major engine problems every time you turn the engine on.

If you can get past that and have cool Shs100m plus, the post 2006 fourth generation model specifically the LS 460 should have a place on your list of luxury cars.
Inside the LS460, it looks and feels different from your typical offerings from Toyota in the same class. As a used car choice, the LS makes a lot of sense. Sold from model year 2007, it has held its value much better than its competitors such as the BMW 7 series or Mercedes S Class.

Edirisa Matovu, a car importer at Second Select, a car import company, says he has only seen few people import the LS simply because it is very expensive as a used car and owners do not want to get rid of them.
In true Lexus tradition, the LS is about making transport as supremely comfortable, serenely quiet, perfectly reliable and effortless as possible. When you see the LS you shall know right away that this is a special car with presence similar to the German competition. Lexus have the Germans on reliability, without a doubt. Reliability, price, and resale value make it a good choice.