While growing up, we get called names. Smart, dumb, mathematician, sports personality…so many descriptions.

As I grow older, I get to understand that we are more than our old identities and descriptions. Because if you choose to stay in the box that was defined by you or by someone else, then, eventually you can only achieve so much.

For example, I have always looked at myself as an artist and that’s ok. But on the other hand, what portion or percentage of me is scientific? What if I explored fields beyond my former identity? What would come out of me? What else could I possibly achieve?

What else could I discover? What more could I accomplish? At the end of the day, there are possibilities for all of us as human beings.

Even though we are all born with specific talents, gifts and personalities, at the core we are much more. Your abilities are endless. Your potential infinite. And the identity you choose to take on will influence what you will do and not do. That eventually determines what you create in the world.

Today I am challenging you to reflect on a couple of questions. Who do you identify yourself as? What identity has shaped you? Where did you get that identity from? Are the identities serving you or slowing you done? How accurate is that identity? Could you adopt another identity? What possibilities could be out there that you havent ventured in which could open other doors for you if you changed or expanded your identity?

In essence, looked at closely you are a result of your old identity. To create a new you, you ought to look at yourself again with new eyes. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you will see and experience.