In Summary
  • The Cami boasts a lot of Toyota’s trademark safety and efficiency measures and has a rather positive safety rating that factored into the its popularity.

With the punishing economic situation that has fuel prices rise considerably, we review low budget cars that we feel one must own. The Toyota Cami is a tough though small SUV and at sight one might compare it to the small Parejo io.

The Toyota Cami is a modern car that was debuted in 1999. The developer of this car installed the four wheel-drive full-time system that provides the major differential that let Toyota Cami without difficulty to move upcountry. It has a powerful Toyota Cami DOHC engine with a timing mechanism, which has a working volume of 1.3 litres, working with four-speed automatic Transmission.

Primarily marketed as a family vehicle, the Cami is known for engine strength. Due to a lot of positive reviews about the Cami’s ability to handle itself outside of city roadways, a lot of drivers tested its off-road abilities for themselves. For the most part, the Cami proved itself more than capable of handling tougher driving conditions. As a result, Toyota released a limited sports edition of the Cami in 2001.

Interior and exterior
The Cami’s interior styling is quite impressive with easy to see dials, knobs and less cheap plastic materials, easy access on side steps as well as roomy interior and comfortable seats.

It is designed with modern comfort amenities such as air conditioning, power windows and radio CD audio entertainment which makes the family road trip comfortable. Some Toyota Cami offer extra two seats in the third row which allow accommodation of the extended family.
The machine has a relatively good exterior with integrated frame and decent size, which allows you to simultaneously drive through small spaces.

Engine Toyota Cami has a simple admission, but there are modifications to the turbine. A five- speed manual gearbox. Toyota Cami is equipped with a strut-type front suspension, rear suspension - Five-arm type, spring. The body can be equipped with aerodynamic components. The drive can be rear- or permanent four-wheel forced locking centre differential. A more powerful version of the “Toyota Cami” had turbocharged engine of the same size, which built 140 forces, four-wheel drive and an automatic transmission.
Safety features.

Like all other cars by Toyota, the Cami boasts, first of all, that famous Toyota dependability. The Cami is a four-wheel drive, designed to get you out of sticky situations therefore can always feel comfortable to get out of that bad road.
The Toyota Cami has also the ABS plus EBD that is effective then a central locking system, stereo electric front windows as well as mirrors, a navigation system in addition to plenty more for the comfort of the driver as well as passengers. It has also front passenger airbags, modern seat belts with reel locking mechanisms. It is fitted with fog lights that make sight during rainy seasons easy.

Other Specifications
A modified Toyota Cami comes with a turbocharged engine of the same volume, the capacity of which 140 horsepower on such a modification is only installed four-wheel drive n4 - speed automatic transmission. All engines run well even at a temperature of about -30 degrees, which is an advantage. The front suspension strut-type vehicle, and five-link rear springs. The car has a cozy lounge.

Reliability and resale value
Toyota Cami is easier to maintain on the Ugandan market because its slow and fast moving parts are accessible both with the main Toyota dealers and independent suppliers. Used body, engine and suspension parts are also available for the budget constrained buyers. Slower moving parts for the body, engine and suspension are pricy but available.

There are no concerns about the reliability of the16-valve DOHC engine volume of 1.3L as its fuel and air intake system seems to give no trouble after 100,000 kilometres. New owners should not ignore the mandatory 100,000 kilometres fuel filter replacement or fueling with adulterated fuel usually damages the primary or secondary high pressure pump which affects fuel delivery pressure. Maintain the air cleaner element. This is key for the performance of the Cami.

The resale value is not bad especially if handled well. The Toyota Cami being a low budget car in terms maintenance and fuel consumption it will always attract good buyers.