Kampala - Are you building a house and need construction materials on the cheap? Or, have you been saving to buy a car, food and drinks for the festive season? The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) on Wednesday auctioned assorted items from vehicles, fridges and washing machines to furniture, electrical appliances, rice and wines.

The sale is taking place the URA Customs Warehouse in Nakawa, east of Kampala City.

More than 50 motor vehicles and 45 motor cycles are on offer.
On sale are 400 bags of sugar imported from Thailand and 600 bags of rice.

Other items on auction include washing machines, fridges, wines and juice, mattresses, cigarettes and microwaves.

Speaking to Daily Monitor, the URA manager public relations, Mr Ian Rumanyika, said: “We auction every quarter, items that have been given the grace period of nine months and the owners fail to pay taxes.”

He said that some of the items being auctioned belong to owners who were dragged to court over various tax related cases while others had been smuggled into the country and the owners are on the run.

Interested buyers were supposed to buy the bid form at Shs10,000 and submit the lot number of item they are interested in.

Mr Rumanyika said: “In order to avoid bias. The bid forms are submitted when the lot number of the item is read.”

He said the interested bidders hand in at that action time and the item is sold off to the highest bidder above the reserve price.

He said it is from here that the highest bidder will be required to pays 25 per cent of the price in cash or by Visa/master card.

He said the remaining balance of 75 per cent on the items bought would be paid within the next 48 hours.

Mr Rumanyika said that they introduced UBA point of sale (POS) payment method which does not require one to carry cash; they only need to come with their visa and master cards.
He said those without the above will be catered for as usual, (the 25 per cent cash will be received by our cash on standby).

Mr Rumanyika said: “The items are worth different reserve prices that are determined by our customs valuation team. We keep them classified because the auction is based on highest bidder and must be above the reserve price.”
On offer
Items auctioned include; tiles, rice, Thailand sugar, motor vehicles, motor cycles, spare parts for Benz, washing machines, fridges, wine, juice, mattresses, solar cables, electrical wires, cigarettes, microwaves, empty containers, scrap, chemical fertilisers, trucks, furniture, scarf folding, steel cabling, wielding electrical, aluminium articles, phone accessories, DVD players and speakers, among others.
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