Hello Paul, I am looking for a car that can sit seven people but is fuel-friendly and I was looking at a VW Touran. Would you recommend it and how easy is it to repair and service? Bonny

Hello Bonny, the seven-seater Volkswagen Touran has been around since 2003. Although it lacks style and is more traditional than most of its competitors, it has excellent build quality, seven seats, and is a comfortable spacious people carrier. The boxy shape is a sore sight and not exciting to drive but when you get in you will appreciate the roomy and practical interior.

The Touran has a range of economical engines thanks to the fuel stratified injection petrol engines and the turbo charged diesel engines. Service parts are easily accessible, major repair or body parts may not be readily available but can be ordered from abroad. If you fancy it, go for it. Try and get an inspection report showing the maintenance condition and avoid one with mileages higher than 150,000 kilometres since that is when major parts replacement start to kick in.