Kampala- Makerere University Business School (MUBS) dean faculty of Commerce Nkotel Saal has called on companies/organisations to change their attitude on employing first class degree holders.
He says such people may not be the best employees to do the job.
This is in contrary to companies/organisation policy of employing only graduates with first degrees believing that they are the best and are capable of performing well at the work place.
Contributing to a discussion during in a meeting of Bank human resource heads, institutions of higher learning, HR firms and recruitment agencies, financial advisory and professional bodies, research and policy actors on Tuesday at Protea Hotel recently, Mr Nkotel said employers must rethink employment paradigms so as to get the right people.
“Employers don’t do thorough scrutiny to know whether the people they are employing who have first class degrees are able and fit for the job they are being recruited for,” he said.

Mr Nkotel added: “This habit of employers wanting to employ only people with first degrees is crippling performance and they begin blaming the universities for producing people who are not up-to-date.”

Evidence from around the world indicates that as sustainability becomes more integrated within the business strategies and operations of global companies, the specific skill sets these companies require to support innovation, product development and other attributes of value creation become increasingly important.
Mr Micheal Niyitegeka, an ICT consultant, said marketplace dynamics and economic trends, government policies, technological change and the expectations of current and future employees as well as customers all create a highly dynamic business environment.

“A company’s ability to stay focused on executing its business plan while demonstrating resilience and adaptability to marketplace and societal changes becomes a greater strategic imperative,” he said.