I am 36 years old but conceived during my period. Do you think my baby is safe?
Dear Liz,
Every month, the inner lining of the womb builds up in preparation for pregnancy and if pregnancy does not occur, the lining is no longer required, hence being shed as a normal period. However sometimes a woman at the time of ovulation may get lots of slippery vaginal fluids, sometimes accompanied by some little bleeding which is not a normal period.

This so-called intermenstrual bleeding is usually in the form of spotting though in a few women it can last a day or two. If one had sex at the time of ovulation, she is more likely to get pregnant and think she got pregnant while she was in her periods.
That said, a woman having short period cycles (say 21 days), may ovulate immediately after her periods and if she had sex during her period she may get pregnant from the man’s sperms stored in the fallopian tubes.

It is likely that your pregnancy is normal and what is required of you is to attend antenatal care religiously to forestall any likelihood of poor health for you and the unborn child. Antenatal care will also further allay your fears of carrying an abnormal baby.