In Summary

ADVENTURE. Life is all about seeking out those moments to bond with loved ones and to create new friends. All this is possible on an exotic trip away from home, writes EDGAR R. BATTE

The corporate world will never come to an end so you can make a choice to take a break and walk away from your office or home and travel to some place that will soothe your spirit.
Travel is about experiences at destinations whose beauty entices you into exploring beyond your doorstep. Many things entice us into flying or driving for hours to different places. It could be the luxury offerings, the urge to satisfy the adventurous spirit in us, or to calm our souls as we kick off our shoes and walk along the fine beaches of a coastline.
As you take it all in, fun times are enjoyed when in good company, be it a lover, friends or travel buddies. The interaction as you travel crafts a chemistry that lives on.

The opportunity to take life a notch slower is advice your trusted doctor might not give you. There are experiences I can never trade with gold or diamonds, for instance waking up on a Thursday morning on a motorised boat and sailing to the almost rhythmic waves of the Indian Ocean.
Sometimes such excursions have started in a very formal way but ended up connecting souls. One of such expeditions was in the well-kept Watamu in Kenya where we met Jane Spilsbury as our guide.
She and her husband started our day on a bright side with tea, jokes and tales. The friendship that day gave birth to still remains and it is only a matter of time before we return to Watamu.

Many times, social interactions on excursion only serve to emphasise the beauty of the small things in life and how they mold their way into strong ties. For me, observation has served its purpose for example, watching how a happy mother or father runs their hands through their son or daughter’s hair as they watch dolphins summersault or respond to their trainers at the Ushaka Marine Park of Durban is simply beautiful.
Then, sitting on a bus with people of the same trade – multimedia journalists – and enjoying a road trip into Rwanda’s treasure towns such as, Musanze, where we rubbed shoulders with some of the world’s celebrated people as they gave gorillas their names. Musanze is close to Volcanoes National Park.

There is always time to let go such as, when you take a simple swimming session to learn or improve your rusty skills. The crystal blue waters of Lion in the Sun were inviting even to an amateur like myself. Anyone looking for a honeymoon destination has a choice in this place where rooms are spacious and with bed so generous in width that lovers will not have much to hunger for.

When a trip is over and you find time to flip through the photographs, a smile will definitely split your face. Janet Jackson once sung about the best things in life being free. I bet she referred to the tax-free oxygen, which cars and industrialists have compromised a great deal. Scary as it may be, you can find pleasure in creating a bucket list and ticking your way through it. Life is what you make it.

The beauty of travelling
Travelling by yourself (and even with others) is a beautiful adventure that everyone needs to experience. Traveling alone is a journey in itself. The journey starts the second you leave your home, till the second you arrive back home.
We get to see beautiful places that excite our eyes and build a fire in our hearts. Traveling is great because we can go to the same places over and over, while other times we travel to new places that only our minds have imagined and our eyes have seen in textbooks and magazines. We let our hearts explore what the world is like. We think to ourselves how little we are in this world, we can make a big difference or no difference at all.