Surat. There has hardly been any breather for the Cricket Cranes on this Tour of Asia which is a build-up to the International Cricket Council (ICC) World Cricket League (WCL) Division IV scheduled for May in Malaysia.

Busy like the bumble bee has been the order of the day for the senior men’s national cricket side that is residing here at Shiv Venetian – home of the Sanjay Farm.
From playing back-to-back games, the Ugandans have found themselves having to do some community and charity work every evening and in between the games, as per the schedule set by hosting philanthropist Swetal Desai.

And although the daily routine has left the team a little fatigued, the guys have been excited to chip in positively and give inspiration to the natives of South Gujarat.
The visits to schools, hospitals and elderly homes have also left the team humbled by the rock-star like receptions accorded to them.