Only the President took the oath to protect Ugandans. So if anything happens to anyone of us, only the President is answerable for defaulting on his oath. Therefore, complaining of criminals infiltrating police is annoying for he is the man in charge of the country!
In the recent past, Ugandans have witnessed shocking cases of murder. In the most recent case, a new kind of horror where a person is kidnapped and ransom demanded from family members, happened as men in charge of security of Ugandans seemed to be boxed in supremacy contest.
Any fighting among those in charge of our security should worry us. The increasing yet unsuccessful investigated murder cases should make us ask the hard questions as from the look of things, what we do not know and can’t predict, is the kind of danger that may fall upon us.
Prof Nicholas Nassim Taleb taught us that Black Swan are events that overturn the established ways of thinking happening as people look on only to realise their effects long after they have happened. Put in a proper perspective, the persistent cases of insecurity, which police claim to be isolated occurrences, point out major weaknesses on the part of our police.
Our concerns are valid - going by Machiavellian teachings that those who live on the mountains have the best view of the valleys, and those who live in valleys have the best view of the mountains. My article is informed by views from those who live in the valleys where I live too. Whether police authorities see my view as a mere speculation or not, I must state that after all, speculation is a gift of intellectual curiosity.
In the valley where I live, I see the mountain from where police sit, the mountain has turned into dirty swamp stinking with contaminated waters, with some officers whose interests are not the security of Ugandans and their property.
Despite police wearing smart uniforms bought using taxpayers’ money, the mountain where police sit is dirty and should be drained of the muddy waters that make it stink. It is like the white-washed tombs Jesus told us about in Mathew 23:27, which look clean from the outside, but stinks from all corners inside.
No wonder, when unknown people attacked and killed police spokesman Felix Kaweesi in broad day-light, President Museveni observed, “All these murders, I have followed myself. There are always clues leading to the criminals, but the criminals have infiltrated the police”. He then ordered former IGP Kale Kayihura to “clean the police of these infiltrators”.
On a closer look, the apparent security gaps point to a bigger picture of a failing Force.
Ssemanda Allawi,