In Summary

Savoury. Some of the ways to make your salad combos tasty.

Mix all the ingredients in a large salad bowl and toss with your favourite dressing. Arugula goes well with alfalfa sprouts garnished with cheese while Bibb lettuce works well with asparagus that goes well with crisply cooked bacon that is crumbled.

When it comes to Boston lettuce, add some broccoli flowerets and garnish with croutons while cabbage is a lot more versatile. Cabbage is great for making coleslaw and can often be used an all- round substitute when other types of lettuce may not be around. When making a simple cabbage salad, bell peppers of different colors work very well and can be garnished with hard cooked boiled eggs.

Endive goes well with carrots and edible flowers while escarole offers a good combination of cauliflowerlets with a topping of French fried onions. Iceberg lettuce is probably one of the most common and goes well with any combination of vegetables of your choice. Cucumber is one of my favorite and as for garnish, nothing like sprinkling some fresh herbs are ideal. Leafy lettuce which comes in several forms including frisee and chicory as well as escarole and Nappa to mention but a few; mushrooms and nuts go well.

As a rule of thumb, you can create your own combinations of salad greens and additions along with garnish. There are no set rules, however, add items in moderation and come up with what works for you.

The pasta
All cooked pasta can be used interchangeably in salads, measure for measure. When using uncooked pasta, substitute a pasta shape close in shape and size or the cooked volume may vary due to weight differences.

If pasta is to be used in cold salad, I suggest that you rinse it in cold water in order to prevent it from sticking together then drain well. For pasta to absorb maximum flavor, add salad dressing while pasta is still warm and then refrigerate. Small pastas are perfect for salads, couscous, orzo (Rosa marina), small shells and acini de Pepe (dots).

Medium pasta is another great idea for salads. These would in the form of fusilli (corkscrew-shaped), rotelle (wagon wheels), rotini (spirals), gemeli (two pieces that are twisted together), radatore (radiator shaped), farfalle (bow ties), conchiglie (shells) and tortellini (stuffed).

Hot tip
Long pastas are ideal for salads and these would in the form of fettuccine, linguine, vermicelli and fusili.