I think we have just about tackled everything that hangs on our walls except the calendar. This item feels like a necessary evil.
Calendars are good for planning purposes; school assemblies, hair appointments, birthdays, wedding meetings, marking when you last purchased gas, re-fuelled your car and so on, but they do have a tendency not to flow with the general décor of a space if not thought through seriously.
Showcasing a calendar can be a bit of a task as they do not come in a frame.

How to choose your calendar
If you are very fussy about hanging things on your walls or are one of those people who constantly need to refer to your calendar, then a desk calendar would be the most appropriate version to have.

For those of us who grew up seeing our parents change calendars on cue every beginning of the year and even sometimes had two calendars in the home from different sources, you may find that in your adult self you cannot seem to shake this tradition off. In that case, let the calendar compliment your interior décor.

What would be the point of hanging up a calendar that is themed around construction, building sites, factory buildings, rock drilling and high voltage power lines in living a room that is dressed in delicate, luxurious fabrics such as velvet, satin or linen presented in soft colour palettes surrounded by curvaceous antique furniture? The calendar becomes too rough for the environment.

The ideal calendar for such a space would be preferably a medium sized one (80x60cm) going up and one with pictures of calming topics such as landscapes, water bodies, life drawings or paintings etc.

If you have a space that is very contemporary and minimalistic, your calendar should most likely feature pictures that are not busy. If it is a hospital environment for example a children’s clinic, then it would be prudent that the calendar reflects pictures that interest children.

Option to customise
Calendar themes may prove very particular and limiting and it is most likely that you may not find your preference in the current market. That should not stop you though. Download your choice of pictures off the internet, take a stroll to Nasser or Nkrumah roads and have a graphics designer put one together for you at a small fee. He will definitely be able to connect you to a printer and at the end of the day, you will have your own customised calendar that matches your interior décor!