Singer Bebe Cool has urged Ugandan local artistes not to boycott locally organised awards.

Appearing at the KFM Dance party show last Saturday evening, Bebe Cool said music awards are a good way of measuring talent and that every musician needs them.

“I am calling on musicians not to boycott awards because most musicians at their level need these awards,” he said. The “Kabulangane” hit maker advised local artists to be corporative by working well with the organisers. “I think what they should do is to try and work with the organisers to iron out their issues.”

However Bebe said that if other artistes choose to boycott the awards then they will be having their own personal issues.

“If other artistes also choose to boycott local music awards, I believe they have their reasons. But no one is rallying artistes in Uganda to boycott the awards because the awards are also good for artistes to know where they stand in the industry.” He added.

This comes shortly after Bebe Cool quit participation in any local awards following the recently concluded HIPIPO music awards where a section of people accused the singer of influencing the Club Music Video awards.