As the fight against corruption in Uganda focuses on public service sector, there is equally massive corruption disguised as “policy” in the private sector.

The other day, I sent my assistant to buy dettol liquid soap and fried beef from a supermarket in Seeta. I wrote both items on a piece of paper to avoid a mistake.

The boy bought chicken and a piece of dettol soap and not liquid soap, which I wanted. The boy brought the two items and when I found out that he had brought a piece of dettol soap instead of liquid soap, I decided to return it myself.

They gave me the right item (liquid soap), which is cheaper than dettol solid soap by Shs4,000. I requested for my change and I was told that it is company “policy” not to refund cash.

They advised me to pick other items worth Shs4,000 to which l objected! It is unbelievable that a supermarket should force me to buy something I do not want in the name of a policy.

I call this corruption in the private sector because l was cheated Shs4,000 in my face and in broad daylight under the guise of policy.
Ntegye Asiimwe,
Seeta, Mukono