I have clear memories about December 2017. Many are not necessarily pleasant. The year was ending and in my valuation, there was not so much to write home about.

The biggest question on my heart was how much of my life’s designated purpose was I fulfilling? Was I even walking in purpose anyway? If the original blueprint of my life was compared to the reality of the same life would the two tarry and if not how big was the variation?

Aside from simply waking up each morning and then later going to bed at the end of a day, the question was did my days truly count and count for what? What sort of legacy was I building and would it pass the test of time anyway?

I said bye to 2017 and very pensively entered 2018. I was careful not to carry negativity, especially in my thoughts and meditations but I was significantly unsettled about the present continuous realities that surrounded me on many sides. Like a child running to find solace from its mother, I ran to my heavenly father not just for comfort but for counsel and direction.

I threw myself at his feet and cried from frustration and in hope because I knew God cared. Recently, my son came to me, sad and very low. I pushed him a little to share what was on his heart and as he broke down, I felt a pain too. How much more will our heavenly father who is merciful give us? No matter anyone’s beliefs we all have the place in us that seeks after a being greater than the physical entity. There is a reason why we were individually created and that forms the core of who we are. That is the reason we seek to commune and relate with the one who created us so that we can truly live purposeful lives.

As we say bye to 2018, my heart is in a different place. I carry a definite hope about the present and future. A hope that there is a daily ordering of my footsteps into divine purpose and direction. I am persuaded that the challenges along the way will grow me and the joys in the year are a fine consolation and reminder of greater things to come.
Thank you for being an amazing part of my 2018!
I wish you all a great 2019. Blessings galore!