The phrase “he is not my kind of person” or “she is just not my type” has been used and usually comes up in different conversations especially among the youth. Well, it comes off when one does not look or appears some kind of way or talks or acts or even thinks in some special kind of way.

I just turned 25 and it dawned on me that as I keep blowing the candles at every cake, every new year, my kind of person qualities keep narrowing down to reality.

Maybe back then when I was way younger, it was more on fantasies and surely the phrase ‘he is not my kind of guy’ came up more often than usual. Right now, one would ask me what my kind of person is and clearly I will lay out reality checks that could not get through my mind back then.

So who sets the bar here; is it the one who picks out on who suits him or her or the one who has to meet the kind of person requirements?

Life! It is all a juggle and as nature takes its course, time does its thing and we all get down to hearing wedding speeches that have the same line: ‘I never thought we would be together.’
I often sit back and wonder where this all started. Were we born with types and kinds of people to pair up with or become friends with? Then again, who sets the standards?

Who gets the bad ones if there are any, or the good ones, or the tall and friendly?

To me, I could zero down to this as each year passes by focusing on one’s character, efforts to achieve his or her dreams and humility as my yardsticks. To someone else, it could be size, shape, skin colour and even way of walking. These things have no formula.

Everyone out there has their kind of person, yet we are clearly told to be one family in the good word of the Lord but still we choose to pick out on what works for us.
At the end of the day, it all takes time and effort but again it is just reality and nature to put us in line.