In Summary

In style. Generally, 2018 has been a year of small things; jewellery, clothes and earrings. On the flipside, according predictions, 2019 is going to be all things big. And who knows, the bell bottom could find its way back into wardrobes and perhaps the runway, writes Edgar R. Batte.

Fashion shares a trend with time. It is never static. The difference is it can go back in time. The West is looking to Africa for new fashion trends if singer Beyoncé Knowles’ latest fashion outfits are anything to go by. She has been seen adorned in the African Ankara. At a recent Global Citizen Festival in South Africa, she stepped out in Egyptian inspired beaded suit and traditional Zulu jewellery. She gave credit to the talented African designers who kept her wardrobe colourful and fresh as reflected in rich patterns. She has quite a following where trends are concerned so definitely Africa is where fashionistas will be looking.
“African fashion and designs will definitely rule come 2019, in accessories, colours, texture and hemlines,” predicts fashion designer Joram Job Muzira.

Muzira predicts that small chunky chockers are likely to be replaced by big chockers and so for the crowns. “Women have started embracing the bigger crowns as opposed to the smaller ones, including earrings. The trend is most definitely going to catch on come next year,” Muzira explains.
There is a range of jewellery to choose from in Africa, especially from the Masai people of Kenya and Tanzania who are keen on crafts and local jewellery. The Karamojong have not been left out of the fashion statements.
You will find quite a variety when it comes to earrings, bracelets, necklaces and clothing at their respective stations at entrances of Amboseli National Park and at Kidepo Valley National Park where tour guides implore tourists to support host communities through buying their crafts.

“Times are changing and people seem to embrace the “business-casual” look than the usual suit for corporates. For example, jeans and casual shirts for both men and women are trending and this might go on for a while,” explains fashion designer Melanie Luyima.
She adds that the look is flexible for working men and women because it fits in the busy morning hours and yet doubles as an outfit for the evening if you want to hang out with the girls on your way home. She predicts that ladies are likely to embrace the “sheer net” for the evening/wedding gown, adding that the trend is a total relief from the usual sequin and other glitters. “We can also expect so much “stretchy” fabric on the market. Trendsetters prefer this to any other.

To buy...
Statement jewellery. There is a wide variety of statement jewellery in town in the form of beaded necklaces that will set you back between Shs10,000 and Shs50,000 depending on the shop type or mall.
Antique and one-of-a kind pieces can also be found in select jewel shops downtown at Shs10,000 to Shs25,000.

Muzira predicts that women will favour silver and gold where earrings, jewellery and chockers are concerned. The shiny clothing and footwear will find their way back into people’s wardrobes, bringing back memories of popular 1970s and ‘80s’ fashion statements of the likes of Michael Jackson and the Abba.
Luyima believes marigold and yellow will be big depending on their presence on the runway. She observes that fashionistas seem to have had enough of the usual animal prints; leopard and zebra patterns have been replaced by “snakeskin.
“Despite the preference, designers are choosing full print but just a portion on the outfit depending on one’s style or fashion,” she adds.