In Summary

It is the season to wear flowers. Go bold and bright and stand out with this feminine trend, writes Hassan Ssentongo.

Floral print is one of the hottest trends right, and there is proof. Look through your new instagram feed and you will be sure to spot flowers floating on a coat, jacket, skirt or dress of one of your favourite fashionistas. Florals are indeed flowing. The floral print has the power to add life to even the dullest of moments, this could be the reason why the trend never goes away.

Floral print and what forms it takes in wardrobe and accessories
Floral print is flowery detail imprinted on clothing, shoes and accessories. The print can appear in a number of ways which include; small or large formats, as a placed pattern, as part of graphic designs and more. As long as there are some flowers, that is floral print.

Flowers might be fun to wear, but when you have got no personality to carry the trend, it becomes a challenge. It is almost impossible not to attract attention with this print.
The print says a lot about one’s personality. Flowers signal that the wearer is fun-loving, warm and bubbly and also loves attention. If you are none of the above, it means you need to go easy on florals.
Look out for pieces with a subtle flower appearance.

-Pastels and softer shades are usually the commonest because they give off a subtle flower appearance. It would be a better deal if this shade is on just one piece, for example a skirt or throw-on. Match such florals with other soft shades such as pale blue.
For bolder fruity florals in shades of yellow and orange, consider neutralising them with slightly tougher colours such as dark blue to create a cohesive balance.
For florals on dark colours such as black, feel free to pair them with other dark colours or fabrics. Leather can be a better deal because of its rich appearance.