In Summary
  • MANAGEABLE. If you are hard up with apportioning a budget for food, Hotline will offer you tasty and affordable.

When it comes to ready to eat cooked food that is weighed and packed the fellows at Shoprite seem to be head and shoulders above the pack. Naturally, it helps when you have made inroads in several African countries and there is no doubt that you are here to stay.

I recall a supermarket somewhere downtown where the food hotline leaves a lot to be desired. The last time I observed the operations, a few years back, there was a man making chips and the whole set up was slovenly and left a lot to be desired.

Attractive menu
At Shoprite the whole set up is professional and well displayed. The staff are well-kitted out in proper attire including the shoes and head gear. The selection is enormous with several types of rice such as la paella and pilao as well as the standard white boiled.

Grilled chicken as well as chicken wings or drumsticks, fried goat and at least a half dozen varieties of salad. They have more than two dozen items from which to choose and they offer chef’s specials now and again.

Sort family
While the food may not be haute cuisine and neither do they pretend or claim that to be the case; on the whole they produce food that is tasty and affordable. Best of all they are open seven days of the week and they seemingly never run of food.
The notion of buying cooked food (for the family) by weight offers the perfect solution when faced with how to apportion a given budget for food.

Supposing you have a family and you do not feel like cooking, set yourself a budget and for the sake of argument say Shs50,000. Doing the arithmetic means that within that budget you can buy a kilo of chips, half a kilo of beef, and a half kilo of chicken as well as some pilao and a salad and still have some money for a dessert.

The deal
Place: Shoprite Hotline Food
Lugogo Shopping Mall
Our Rating: Worth a visit
The space: Ample, neat and organised
The crowd: Mainly Ugandans
The menu: Chicken 100g for Shs 1,690,white rice 100g shs 970, pilao 100g shs 1’990, chips 100g 1,690, beef stew 100g at Shs1,390, fried goat ribs 100g Shs3,290,.

Sound level: Good
The check: It would be based on your budget but realistically a tenner will get you meal.
Parking: Available in plenty and secure
Smoke free zone: Not allowed
What we liked: The offer a wide variety from 9am for seven days a week the food is ready
If you go: Daily from around 9am till late