KAMPALA. Moses Golola has resumed the build-up for his protracted fight against Ongom Kizito, popularly known as Kasumaali and vowed to teach him a boxing lesson.

“My fans are asking me why I failed to fight Kasumaali. Kasumaali failed to make weight, but this time I’m waiting for him on Heroes Day,” Golola, flanked by Police and fellow boxers Charles Mulindwa and Nicolas Katongole, told the press in the middle of Dastur Street in Kampala yesterday morning. “Last time we didn’t have contracts but this time it’s not a joking subject. Not this business of pulling out of the fight on the last day…I want us to sign the contracts and immediately go for medical [tests]. No excuses.”

Coffin ready
To louden his threats, Golola slopped near Nakasero Market, where his fans promised to but the coffin where Kasumaali will be buried.
The two were supposed to face off for the National Light Heavyweight Title at L’Aponye Mall in downtown Kampala on December 26, 2018 on the undercards of the Muhammad Ssebyala vs Badru Lusambya. But Kasumaali allegedly pulled out because he failed to make the weight.
This time it is going to be a non-title fight in 75kg.

Eddie Gombya, of Step by Step Promotions, has assured the fans that this time it’s real: “Golola’s camp has proved it’s readiness, we’re waiting for Kasumaali’s side to retaliate,” he said.
“And this time it’s going to be massive, and unique. I want the authorities to permit us stage this event in the middle of the road; on one of these streets.”