My alarm went off at exactly 5.30am. There is a way having to wake up using an alarm clock just works the mind.

Somehow the mind wishes you could just sleep some more. Only five more minutes perhaps. But what difference would it make. Several seconds later I convinced the legs to follow suit.

Then it hit me. Ahh! That beautiful feeling when you have something about the day that you looked forward to. It was today!

For several days I had been preparing. Using scissors I had made cuttings out of old magazines so that that I could finalise my project.

You see, my high school teachers taught me that the best of things are not necessarily the most expensive. I planned to make something memorable for each child for their birthday.

Of course there are many birthday cards on the market but which card can compare with the card made by mother’s hands and thoughts.

Each piece of the items that were used was selectively picked and chosen out of the purest of hearts. Each piece was glued on cardboard not only by paper glue but by the glue of the love of a mother’s heart.

With each item was the most sincere prayer and blessing flowing from the beatings of a mother’s spirit. Each stitch and each cut was the prayer and proclamation of blessing on a child and many generations that child will impart. With each item being placed one upon another was the confirmation of things divine and yet priceless.
You see, only God knows how a child’s bones and blood are formed on the insides of another human being. In fact who can claim to know how each cell forms perfectly within another human being? How the blood flows in the perfect direction from one end of the body to another; the functioning of brain matter, synovial fluid or the lymphatic system.

Who can dare question the reality of things so true but yet not visible?
The plan was meticulously designed to deliver the much needed impact not only on the said child but for many years to come. Every child needs to know they are special and deeply thought about.

Because the day was hectic, I quickly got up and woke the birthday boy from his deep sleep. I had to wake him many times. Then I held him close and sang for him. I prayed for him and I told him how precious he was. Because he was too sleepy, I let his sleep again. His handmade birthday card complete with gift were placed by the kitchen counter.

I got out of the house and hurried to take care of the day’s business. There was a big smile on my heart expressed on my lips; always a good feeling when one gives to another. I knew he would be happy.

We bless God for yet another birthday!