In Summary
  • “The first thing he did was show her the picture, and ask who that man was. She coolly told him he was a friend. So he asked her what she was doing with him, and why the privacy.”

Jack is an old -fashioned man. Technology confuses him, smartphones are too much for him. Why text when you can call? What is WhatsApp? What is a WhatsApp voice call? Aren’t all calls voice calls? Video calls? How does that work? Isn’t Email better?

Then he reluctantly installed WhatsApp, but what got him to start using it was this new girl he met at a conference. “She likes texting too much,” he complained. But he liked her, so he started texting, like an amateur. But sometimes she would send him a message, and he would not answer it for days.

This drove her crazy at first because she had to call him to check his messages, and again call him to respond to her messages. Then he would ask her why he cannot just talk to her there and then, you know, have a phone discussion. He just could not imagine spending hours typing things when he could call and talk about those same things. The abbreviations threw him off, he could just never memorise what each one meant, and their context. One he complained that LMAO (laugh my ass off) did not make any sense at all. But then came those ‘small pictures’, what do they mean?

He meant emojis. His favourite was the thumbs-up sign which he used for everything and anything. It drove his girl crazy when she would text him lines and lines, and he would respond with just that thumbs-up thing.

Then WhatsApp introduced video calls, and he was in heaven. He could call and see her. This was the best invention ever. Fortunately, his girl liked video calls too, so it became their new thing. This man would want to video call every time, even just to tell her he was on his way to pick her up. Everything was good.

Until he found out that she was not being faithful to him. At least that is what he believed. And once he had put the idea in his head, it was impossible to convince him otherwise. It happened like this; a friend sent him a picture of his girl and some other man posing for a picture. The picture looked fairly recent.
The friend told Jack that he had got it off her WhatsApp status, and he thought this is something that Jack should be aware of. Although he neglected to explain to poor Jack what a WhatsApp status is.
Immediately, Jack was saddened. How could she do this to him? He was certain that the picture had been got from somewhere private where his girl had not intended for him to find out.

Which is definitely not a WhatsApp status. He took his time without calling her, or even responding to her messages. He wanted to clear his head first. He asked a few people what he should do, but he neglected to mention the source of the picture. Nearly everyone told him to ask her about the man. Which is exactly what he did. He video called her, told her he was coming to see her.

The first thing he did was show her the picture, and ask who that man was. She coolly told him he was a friend. So he asked her what she was doing with him, and why the privacy. To which she indignantly asked, ‘privacy? What do you mean?’ but he was not in the mood for explaining, so he just told her that a friend had discovered the picture, and she needed to explain to him what this was all about. Looking at him for a long time, she reached for her phone, and showed him that same picture on her status. And went on to explain to him that it was actually publicly accessible.

To demonstrate this, she reached for his phone, and showed him that same picture in his whatsapp statuses. There was nothing ‘private about it’. By this time, he had cooled down.
Fortunately, both of them have a good sense of humour, so they laughed about it. Giving her a serious look, he told her ‘you know you need to teach me about these things. I am an old fashioned person, these things confuse me’. To which she replied, “I am not your teacher. Go to school if you need an education”. And they both laughed.