This was one heck of a year. A lot happened through the year; both good and bad. There were many changes the biggest one of which was moving the boys to new schools. I did not know how we would manage but we did and I am grateful to God for that. The change was good for both of them and they are blossoming in their individual capacities.
There were some changes on the work front too. We are still waiting to hear what will eventually become of our organisation. After the initial pronouncement about the changes our collective morale took a nose dive. But we have climbed back up and it is more or less business as usual. We got a few updates but those have stopped coming through.

Maybe no news means good news for us? What the announcement did though was bring out the worst in my immediate supervisor. For some reason my supervisor seemed to take it harder than the rest of us. But what was so confusing is that she then chose to take it out on us. At first we sympathised and tried to understand her position. After some days it became obvious that she was behaving badly. In fact we felt she, more than us, needed to do a crash course on change or crisis management.

A few days ago I bumped into an old classmate. While catching up, I learnt she had worked with my supervisor. The first thing she said to me after I mentioned the name was that my supervisor was a persistent complainer. She was so negative to everyone in the office that when her contract ended, the HR manager refused to renew it on account of her poor team work. In fact it was so bad that she was out of a job for almost two years before she landed the job in our organisation. If someone had told us this in her first year we would not have believed it. But the way she is acting now it is a wonder that we did not pick this up earlier.

That very brief conversation with my friend cleared up a lot of things for me. I hope that as we all reflect on what to improve in the coming year that she will try to better herself, her team and the entire organisation. I am positive that the old ways will be tamed and we will work in a more conducive and cordial environment in the New Year. So here is to better things.