In Summary
  • Some property managers find it hard to successfully work with property owners.
  • Here is what you can do to get in the good books of the boss.

In the world of property management, a property manager and the land lord have to be in good terms if they want to be successful because they are both stakeholders.
Ismail Mulindwa, a property manager, says most property administrators are always looking for good ideas to convince their clients or bosses that they are the suitable agents for that particular property.
“In most cases, the property managers must have experience, be knowledgeable, and be in position to evaluate the virtues of an idea from the land lord,” Mulidwa says.

He added that when a landlord rejects your idea as a property manager, chances are, your idea may not have been as good as you thought, or maybe you did not do a good job of pitching it.
“Another reality is that most ideas are never implemented by the agents, after getting the contract, they just ignore what they talked about and they end up disappointing the client,’ Mulindwa says.
He added that if you are new in the field, you have to start by having a realistic expectation of what success is when it comes to innovation because it is the only way you can convince your boss that you are really set to go.
Mulindwa says as property manager, you have to ensure your ideas are heard and accepted by both the clients and bosses.

Develop an inspiring vision of your Idea
Mulindwa says you have to describe your vision in a way that brings out your interest, your passion, and commitment. Most people are not good listeners when you are talking about a new thing.
“Do your homework and take time to think it over, list the experts who are needed for that contract and come up with a plan. Check to see if it is been tried before, and what were the results,” Mulindwa says.
He adds that property agents should not waste the landlord’s time to think what should be implement, do your thinking on your own time, then present a well-developed idea.

Test your idea
Mulindwa says a property agent should use his or her idea with a few trusted co-workers for some verification or advice before presenting the work.
“See if it makes sense to them, ask them to be critical, and provide feedback. Listen, check for their understanding to see how well you’re explaining it because landlords always want convincing words and tactics,” Mulindwa says.

Avoidable tricks
Muhammed Kizito, a property a manager, says there are some ideas property agents should avoid because they may lose the manager’s interest in the first three minutes.
“Something obviously self-promoting is a way to make your job easier, but at other people’s expense and something that has a great potential to embarrass you and you have to be care full,” Kizito says.

Respond appropriately
Kizito says when you are presenting your idea, answer your manager’s questions patiently and with respect and if you do not know the answer, admit it, and commit to get the answer very soon.
“Here you have to be flexible because if your manager starts making suggestions, then you’re there and that means he/she is starting to buy in, and taking some shared ownership,” Kizito says.
He adds that some landlords are very difficult and you should not be very rigid about the details give a little, if anything just to get buy-in, and even your manager’s suggestions can improve your chances for success.

Do not demand recognition
Kizito says when you have done a great job do not get scared that you will not be recognised because the best ideas are the ones where multiple stakeholders have had a hand in shaping,
“Do not get worried because after a while, enough people will become aware of your involvement, especially if you keep coming up with good ideas,” Kizito says.

Number of people involved
Kizito says you have to determine who the stakeholders are, who will be impacted the most, whose support do you need, and who else could contribute to refining the idea.
“You have to agree on who should talk to whom and by when because when any of them disappoint the landlord it means you’re also going to lose trust,” Kizito says.

Pleasing the property owner

Here are some ideas are more likely to get your manager’s attention:
A way to reduce expenses, increase revenue, work with less people and get solutions to challenges the peoperty owner has been facing. ,
Also, do not be selfish, get ideas will give credit to the whole team, not just you as an individual.