You might have failed over and over again at job interviews and would rather not turn up for any other.

The strain is tangible and the bitter taste is forming in your mouth about the next interview that is just a few weeks away. But worry not, while I may not know why you are failing, you know. Use that knowledge to better yourself.

Experience is such a great teacher and you cannot afford to lament about yesterday’s failure but turn what went wrong into a learning lesson to ace the next one. Was it the way you answered the questions?

Then you may want to work on your confidence because lack of confidence is such a put-off for most interviewers. Besides that take time to understand the questions asked so that you can answer knowledgeably and in line with what the interviewer has asked rather than answer something totally different.
Was it knowledge gaps? Then you may need to do enough background check about the organisation, as well as the position you are vying for. However do it a little earlier so that you do not mix up your answers due to nervousness. Whatever it is, you can turn it around and land yourself that dream job. If you cannot find your fault, relying on a friend or mentor to help out might be a great starting point. That said, go out and win.