In Summary

In African traditional society it was mostly the gomesi that was worn by married women. Although Kitengi later came in, this has been modernised to styles perhaps sometimes not suitable for a married person. Readers share how they wish their partners to dress and why.

Before you got married, choosing what to wear was much easier because there was no pressure to dress a certain way. But ever since you decided to share your life with someone else, your dress code has probably changed since you are fully accountable to that person.

Man or woman, you wish your partner to dress in a certain way that gives you confidence and earns you credit from the society.

Expert’s say
Evelyn Kharono Lufafa, a counselling psychologist with Talk Therapy Uganda, says marriage is a sign of honour and commitment.
“Every institution has its code of conduct. For marriage, it is not formerly written down. However the dress code can be a sign that an individual is of a certain status although it is not formal,” she explains.

Lufafa explores that in most societies when a woman is not married, they dress in a way that suggests their status, for example short dresses or skirts.

However, when you are married, the psychologist suggests dressing in a way that shows that particular status.
“A married person should dress modestly to act as a role model for those not yet married yet and also to gain respect in society,” notes Lufafa.

Lydia Nalwanga, dating
A responsible man should never be seen with his shirt hanging or unbuttoned. I never wish to see my partner dressed in oversized or very tight clothes. He should always chose what to wear knowing he is setting an example for his children and others.

Josephine Namakula, Married
I do not want his trousers falling or tied in the middle or below his bum with underwear showing because that would show that his wife is irresponsible. In the same way, I never wish to see him dressed in very tight or skinny trousers. He should be an example to his children.

Fridah Ichimo, married
I want my partner to dress decently and not wear anything just because it covers his nakedness. His appearance tells a lot about us as a family. Therefore, I make sure his clothes are washed and ironed. He does not wear expensive brands but is always classy.

Joseph Mutyaba , married
To be sincere, I wish my partner to dress in a long but fitting attire. Short things are normally linked with irresponsible women or even those who are still searching. The fact that my woman is married, I wish to see her dressed in something that speaks positively about her.

Swaib Luyima, married
I am contented when my partner dresses in something long with the head veiled. I wish it that way because no man can ever disturb or try to approach her if dressed in such a respectful way.

Joseph Ssimwogerere , married
Something fitting and below the knees is okay for me. She remains attractive but decent. So long as she is smart and attractive to me, I do not care about what others say. My woman has to be trendy because she is still young and beautiful not old and out dated.