In Summary
  • THE KNIGHT: Nasser Tonda has created quite a following on social media for making fun at the extent people go to show off how cool their lives are.
  • As Sesa Bat, the up and coming funny man superimposes his image in trendy settings hanging out with celebrities.
  • While these seem like cheap jokes, the comedian is happy with what he earns from his popularity writes Christine Katende.

Who is Sesa Bat?
My real name is Nasser Tonda. I am humble, intelligent but funny. I come from a family of four and I am the second last born. I was raised by a single mother after my father’s death, who nurtured me into a hardworking man. I went to Omega Primary School and Godfrey Primary School for my primary education.
I went to Kisasi College School for O-Level and completed A-Level at Maryland High School Entebbe. I later joined Makerere University where I graduated with a degree in Community Psychology (BCP).
Tell us about your comedy journey
In my secondary school, I was in the drama club where I did mimes and was always the crowd’s favourite whenever we performed.
At university, I started doing comedy. My first skit was a story composition about celebrities at campus, which unfortunately did not attract much attention on social media.
In 2015, towards the end of my third year, I imitated the emojis people use on Whatsapp. I created a collage and posted it on my page and within an hour, I had received more than 1000 likes, reactions and comments. This was my breakthrough; and I started trending on social media.
I have since photoshopped myself and Rihanna in a shower, with Zari Hassan, among other celebrities. I have done memes and these are trending so much on instagram.
I currently have more than 150,000 followers, including renowned artistes and standup comedians, some who pick a leaf from my work, which is okay.
Why on social media but standup?
I want to first grow my fan base before hitting the stage. More still, I have got marketing deals through social media, which pay me more than what standup comedians earn per show.
What is your profession?
I am a psychologist; I graduated with a Bachelors of Community Psychology from Makerere University, which I do not practice.
Psychology has, however, helped me understand and react appropriately to responses that come from my fans. I also use psychology to determine what to give to my audience depending on the age group.
How many girls have you dated so far?
I doubt I know the exact number, maybe eight? Anyway, those days, my life was all about social media (show off) which has changed now.
Have you ever been heartbroken?
Yes. There was this cute and awesome girl I fell in love with way back in secondary school. Our love was so strong that I could copy notes and do art work for her. I used to give her the little I had (appetizer and daddies) but with love.
Unfortunate some rich A-Level student snatched her from me because he could give her money which I was unable to do given my background. I was so heartbroken; I spent days unable to eat or even care about my personal hygiene.
What else can you do apart from comedy?
I am a businessman, singer and a rapper. I also used to be a masseuse and a nail technician (where I did manicures and pedicures).
What do you want in a relationship?
I am currently single but searching for an intelligent woman, beauty is an added advantage.
How would you deal with a nagging partner?
I would try to talk to her or go through her friend and when that fails, I give her space to sort herself.
What do you hate about relationships?
I hate it when someone wants you to behave the way they want.
What excites you?
The surrounding environment, money and video games, such help in stimulating my creativity.
What is your definition of love?
Love is finding a caring friend.

How do you juggle personal life and career?
I never mix career and personal life; Sesa Bat is totally different from Nasser Tonda.
Who is your celebrity crush?
I have a huge crush on Rihanna; I like her sexy eyes, her husky voice and her lifestyle.

Fan crushes
A fan who sent me texts fantasizing about my videos, she said, “Sesa Bat, you kill me every day but I want you to kill me softly.” she mistook me for a rich guy given the pictures I was posting on social media. And when I invited her to my home, she was surprised to be hosted in a single room with all stuff scattered around. She lost it all and called it off immediately. I had the name but with very empty pockets.