In Summary

CHEF JOSHUA KYALO MUTISYA. He is the executive chef at Kabira Country Club. His career in Uganda spans seven years.

After his O-Level, Chef Joshua Kyalo Mutisya pursued a certificate in Catering at Hospitality College in 1987. From1992 to 1994, he studied a certificate in Kitchen Management and organisation Hazard Analysis and control point (HACAP) at Utalii College, Kenya.
He has worked as sous chef at Carnivore Restaurant, head chef at Herod Hotel (Nairobi) in the 1990s before joining Speke Hotel as Sous chef in 2001 and now executive chef at Kabira Country Club (Kampala). He shares what makes him tick in the culinary world.
What are the culinary highlights in your career?
Due to my effort and dedication, I’m able to manage the kitchen and handle the capacity of more than 1000 people.

Which chefs have influenced you the most and why?
Among other Chefs, I have always been inspired by Chef Matthias Mwina.
He was head chef when I started my career and he used to advise me as a young man to be faithful and work hard.

Name your favourite cookbooks?
1000 Classic ( Recipes for Every Cook) 2003 edition. It gives me style of cooking and visual idea of how a recipe should look like .

What is your favourite kitchen gadget or item?
Grill and deep fat fryer because they are multipurpose.

Tell us about the most memorable dining experience or maybe two such events.
• Hosting Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting (CHOGM) officials during my tenure at Kabira Country Club.
• Hosting Tullow oil company officials (Chinese) still at Kabira Country club. On both occasions I had to ensure the clients left feeling satisfied.

What was your first experience in the kitchen like ?
Cutting yourself before knowing how to balance your knife.

And your worst experience?
When I was cooking for my boss’ guest and the gas ran out. My boss paced the kitchen as he waited impatiently for the food. I felt so disappointed that I did not deliver on time.

Your favourite eating joint in Uganda!
Pizza Hut, Bugolobi.

Is there any food item that you hate to admit to liking? Yes, pork belly

What is your favourite dish?
Kukuwanazi, because it is cooked in coconut sauce

What four items are in your fridge? Meat, vegetables, sauces, and fruits.

Secret junk food that you love to indulge yourself…!
Pepper crust beef burger with masala chips.

What three food items would you consider to be indispensable?
Garlic, onion, and pepper.

Your take on the state of the culinary affairs in Uganda and the future of the industry.
The hotel industry is growing so fast and now is the hope of the future generation.

What inspires you about cooking and what do you love best?
I like adventuring with ingredients and making a new recipe out of them. I love it when people appreciate my recipes.
Your favourite recipe…
Kale raw avocado liver cleanse salad. Ingredients are: 1 ripe organic avocado cubed; half bunch organic kale chopped; 1piece red onion sliced; 2pieces cucumber cubed; half basket cherry tomatoes halved, half lemon juice, salt & pepper

Your two cents to the aspiring chefs…
Be creative and consistent to produce quality food.

What are your specialties?
Seafood, does not take lot of time.
Can you think of a food which you would die for?
Polanta with mushroom sauce.
What do you love most about cooking and what inspires you to cook?
Through cooking you can make many friends from all over the world.
What food would you travel for across the globe?
Chicken enchilada
What is your comfort food?
Pasta tossed with anything red.
How do you spend your free time? Watching football at home .