In Summary

Adrian Kakinda is a lecturer at Kyambogo University and a radio sports analyst who still believes in waiting for the right one, writes Godfrey Lugaaju.

Tell us briefly about yourself and what you do?
I am Adrian Ivan Kakinda popularly known as ‘nyini analysis’ literally meaning “the critical analyst” in radio circles. Born to Emmanuel Ssegayi and Florence Nalutaaya, I am the first born in a family of four. I am a professional counsellor and a junior lecturer in the department of psychology of Kyambogo University and a sports radio personality.

How do you identify yourself more, a lecturer or a radio personality?
I like the lecturing job too much due to the returns it brings. It is going to push me to the next level as a professor and a principal researcher of psychological issues. I am currently giving radio 20 per cent of my time, due to the public demand of my fans.

How do you juggle the two?
I am strict about when my work begins and ends. I also use make-to-do lists to be able to remember everything that I need to do for the two different jobs.

What do you like the most about your job?
With teaching, I get to interact with the younger generations and equip the brains that may change the world. With radio it is all about being known by thousands of people and those callers who always make us feel exceptional and unmatched as sports presenters.

What excites you?
Walking steadily to the path of achieving my dream as an academician. I am sure I am pursuing something I love that is purposeful and fulfilling.

What annoys you?
Racism, declining economic conditions of my country that are forcing many youths out of this nation. I also hate someone disrespecting me and other people. Poor time keepers nag me seriously and above all the current political situation in our country is worrying and some of us are on tenterhooks.

Are you married?
Not yet and it is because I do not want to marry for the wrong reasons like feeling guilty or ashamed to back out when plagued with doubt, being free from parents, to have sex, to ease loneliness, to be happy, to show that am an adult, marry because of accidental pregnancy, to help someone, peer influence or thinking that I am out of time. I want to marry when I feel that I am already and for the right reasons. A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person and the secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person.

Who is your ideal woman?
Of course a superwoman, one who can iron five shirts in a row, someone that is passionate about people and life, has her own vision for life, a woman of integrity, someone you can really trust which is a huge thing in a relationship. I want a sweet, caring, intelligent, considerate, understanding, funny, positive-minded, good personality, sense of humor, someone you can have a good friendship with and listen to. An ideal woman must be a companion not a burden.

Any particular female celebrity you crush on?
Yes, honestly they are two; locally it is Barbie Kyagulanyi and Serena Williams internationally. I crush on Serena because of her lion heart that never gives up. For Barbie, I admire her wonderful personality, love for humanity, being supportive to the husband from that point of scratch.

Tell us where you went to school?

I went to Wagwa primary school in Lukaya for my Primary, St Stephen’s college Bajja for my O-Level and Masaka Senior Secondary School for my A-Level. I later joined Kyambogo University for a degree in Guidance and Counselling. I am currently pursuing my Masters of counselling Psychology from the same institution.