KAMPALA- The fraternity may have moved on with the trending events but remained surprised by the rare stalemate between incumbent Bashir ‘Badu’ Ansasiira and Paul Nsibuka in the Uganda Cricket Association (UCA) chairman poll on January 26.

Ansasiira and Nsibuka tied 8-8 after the pair symmetrically divided the 16-vote electoral college made of eight-member voting clubs at Kati Kati Restaurant. It had never happened in the history of UCA chairman elections.

Back in January, UCA Trustee Stephen Luswata advised a Special General Meeting (SGM) to be held to split the two and, backed up by Article XX, Section 4 of the UCA constitution, it was adopted by the assembly to February 16.

However, it was later communicated that Ansasiira and Nsibuka would face-off in Part III of their contest at Kati Kati today to determine the UCA boss for the next two years.

Each feels they have done their part to swing a vote or two to their end over the past 40 days. “I am confident and praying to Allah,” Ansasiira said of his chances.

Ansasiira was voted by all eight delegates representing Premier, Wanderers, Nile and Africa.
“I have maintained regular meetings with cricketers, ensured implementation of 2019 plans take effect as noticed, generally kept the UCA business running as per plan and with no political interruptions.”

Ansasiira, fronted by Nile, however still wonders about something. “I really do not know why my own head of finance (Nsibuka at UCA) should be standing against me. Not right.”

In 2017, Ansasiira beat Nsibuka 9-7 to replace Richard Mwami and he celebrates clearing UCA debt, opening the game to external partners, more inclusion, financial transparency, sponsorships and hopes to work on talent development the coming term.

The Ansasiira-Nsibuka duels have always hinged on Ansasiira representing the youth while Nsibuka is the voice for the old guards.
“I can’t say there has been special preparations,” Nsibuka, who was voted by JACC, KICC, Tornado Bee and his own club Tornado, told SCORE of his recent preparations.

“The fraternity already know what I stand for and they will decide if it is where they want cricket to go or prefer Badu’s way and they will vote accordingly,” noted the financial consultant. “My main reason for standing is I see Ugandan cricket should be moving in a different direction,” Nsibuka stated in an earlier interview.

“I think we should be putting more emphasis on development from the grass-roots right through to the national team. I could be proven wrong but we can do it better.”

Matters politics, this paper understands that the vote could swing on technical grounds with some voting clubs set to change the delegates who will vote.

According to the SGM agenda by Honorary Secretary Michael Nuwagaba, the constitution will first be ammended so as there is no way candidates for chairman or secretary posts cannot be separated in case of a tie.

In these, seen by this paper, the assembly will decide on clauses like one party in the tie opting to step down for the other or they go for a toss of the coin if they tie twice.

At the same SGM, the current UCA board led by Ansasiira and finance headed by Nsibuka will have to convince the assembly right books of audited accounts for 2018 so they are adopted.

The presented figures during the January 26 meeting were vehemently rejected by members particularly former UCA chairman William Kibuukamusoke and Nile club founding member Enock Baramba.

The UCA SGM is a big distraction at the ground level though. The Women’s Mehta Twenty20 Premier League bowls off today with new kids on the block Soroti Challengers facing experienced side Pioneer.

2017-2019: Bashir Ansasiira
2012-2017: Richard Mwami
2008-2012: Dr. Kato Sebbaale
2007: William Kibuukamusoke