In Summary

PROMISING. Lameck Woods Arturo is a singer who prefers to say his music is a genre between Ragga and RnB. He talks to Lawrence Ogwal.

What kind of music do you do?
To many, my music is confusing but it is defined as Afro music. It is music that is meant to send out messages that give people hope. It is not the kind to dance to but to listen to or just watch as you internalise the message.

Who is your target audience?
I sing for the middle class, because they seem to be the kind that is most interested in this genre.

Where do you perform this kind of music?
I perform at weddings, birthday and corporate events. We are contracted by companies to do songs about themes such as domestic violence, anniversaries, health and different campaigns.

Which local artistes do this kind of music?
Silver Kyagulanyi, the deceased Elly Wamala, Philly Bongoley Lutaaya and Herman Basudde, among others.

These are legends, some deceased, why them?
If one is destined for something, age does not matter. I grew up listening to Elly Wamala and sang his songs in my free time. When I chose to sing my own, I tried to rhyme like him and that is how I ended up doing the same music genre.

Why didn’t you do a genre fans are familiar with?
I like challenges. There was a big gap between Afro and the other kind of genres. I came to bridge the gap and I am also the fan of Afro music because it is soft and inspiring.
Do you think it pays more than the other genres?
It is not about the money but I think it is about the music that stays on. Bongoley and Wamala passed on but their music is alive. I want to be remembered through my music.

What are some of your songs?
I have many songs of which some are not released such as Abadde Katonda, Kumba It’s Okay, Kinange, Obadde Ngawa and Ubadilishe. This year, I am going to release an album.

Besides Afro, which other Ugandan musicians do you listen to?
I listen to David Lutalo, Jose Chameleone, Maddox, Juliana Kanyomozi and Iryn Namubiru.