In Summary
  • Fitted kitchens have become the main feature of modern kitchens. They are popular for their sleek appearance, advanced technology that promises professional performances and innovation.
  • Research shows that 96 per cent of the rural population relies on biomass for cooking and 89-90 per cent of the population does not have a clean cook stove.

Fitted kitchens are becoming popular and common features in modern homes although the bigger population of Ugandans still view them as untenable luxuries. Alex Mpanga says he installed a fitted kitchen as a gift for his family and he is glad he did. He says he bought his kitchen while in the UK from household supermarket IKEA and shipped to Uganda.
“My wife had been suggesting we get one but back then (2009) we could not find anything we liked locally. Fortunately while in the UK, I learned of a sale at IKEA where I bought an eight kitchen unit at Shs8.1m,” Mpanga says.

User friendly
According to Antonello Deiola the manager at Villa Kololo Interiors, their products are made in Italy and are known for their quality, design and longevity.
“The new generation appliances are energy friendly and their plumbing and electrical systems are tailor-made specific clients,” he explains. Their prices start from Shs8.1m a fridge and freezer, oven grill, cooking hob, sink, storage unit, chimney and dishwasher.

Other brands
Other brands to look out for are ALNO, Häcker, Schüller all from Germany which is famous for its engineering quality, design and heritage. A large number of precision built kitchen systems are manufactured in Germany, many by century-old enterprises who still adhere to the same techniques and craftsmanship as they did back in the days of their founders.
According to online magazine, which specialises in profiling best brands, the kitchens made in Germany are made with comfort and ease of use in mind and offer clever storage solutions and adjustable heights for any user. Also look out for designer brand Porsche who products have a focus on being functional, timeless and unique design.

Installation costs
Fadhil Ebong, a furniture showroom sales person, notes that some customers think installing these kitchens can be done by any engineer which usually causes problems. “We have been trained specially to install these kitchens that is why it is better to get a professional fitter to do your kitchen instead of those who are relying on general knowledge,” Ebong advises.

Ebong says installation is free when one buys the kitchen from their showroom. However, if it includes electrical and plumbing work as well as fitting the new kitchen, it can cost an average of Shs2.5m. He says costs depend on the number of units to be installed.
“The average number of units installed for the small kitchen is usually six, out of which four are ground units and two are wall mounted. A medium kitchen fitting requires about eight units and a large kitchen fitting includes 12 units,” he explains. Mpanga says he bypassed this huddle by having all his units pre-assembled in the UK and ready to install.

Planning your space
With their expansive space, hi-tech and pleasant appearances modern kitchens have taken over and become the place where family love to converge and hang out more. So before you install one, take time to search for different ideas. This is a big investment that should not be taken lightly. You could search online, magazines or visit the showroom to have a look at the kitchens available and at what prices. Your focus should be around the three vital components, cabinets, appliances and worktops.
Ebong says another important consideration before choosing your kitchen is its design. “Modern kitchens are flexible and offer the homeowner a chance to be creative with their style and finish,” he adds.

The eco stove
Research shows that 96 per cent of the rural population relies on biomass for cooking and 89-90 per cent of the population does not have a clean cook stove.
The Eco stove is a great innovation for your kitchen because it conserves energy and the environment. It is a simple, practical and its functions are aimed to meet the cooking needs of every day person.
It is also smoke free, more efficient, functional, modern and user friendly. This is a stove that is functional and more efficient than most cook stoves on the market in the country.

This is because Eco stove designers, technicians and engineers worked together to create a stove that is as functional on the outside as on the inside; complete with a beautiful, presentable, look than most. It comes in three sizes; a single burner (ES10), a double burner (ED18) and an oven style size (EO30). This was intended to meet the user’s cooking needs and capacity. It works in three different ways; it cooks, lights a home and charges phones.

Different shapes have different advantages;
U-shape kitchen – practical with plenty of work space, ideal for larger kitchens.
L-shape kitchen – allows you to move freely with plenty of unit and worktop space – ideal for open plan spaces.

Galley – loved by chefs; with two parallel counters, everything is easy to reach.
Straight line – simple and inexpensive, this layout is ideal for narrow spaces.
L-shape Island – the perfect space for socialising and family living, suited to larger spaces.

Installation checklist
Take the hassle out of having your new kitchen fitted and ensure the process goes smoothly with these tips on finding and using a good kitchen fitter.
If the company you bought from is installing your kitchen, find out who exactly will be fitting it, as many companies sub-contract to third parties. You will need to know who to contact if any problems or delays arise. If you are choosing a kitchen fitter yourself, use recommendations from previous customers.
If you are already living in the house, find out if you will lose the use of your kitchen sink during the installation – how long will this be for, and will you have access to a temporary sink?