Deputy Chief Justice, Alfonse Owiny-Dollo’s remarks on the historical education perspective in then Acholi community need to be popularised. I do not know how many people believe that societal perspective over an issue can shape or destroy a community. Albert Camus in his book The Outsider tells readers that societal perspective on crying when a mother dies is paramount in the community of the book and whoever does not cry is seen as an alien. Meursault, a character in the book, falls victim after he fails to cry when his mother dies.

I recalled The Outsider on December 23, 2018 when Justice Owiny-Dollo remarked that educational perspective in the then setting of the Acholi community is partly responsible for educational collapsed in the sub- region.

I keenly listened when the culturally enthused Justice made presentation during an Educational Forum organised by Layibi College Old Boys Association at the school.

Justice Owiny-Dollo’s said in the past, many families and clan heads in the region never valued students.
The Justice said there was no A-Level school in the region. However, after World War veterans saw the importance of education when they were commanded by younger youth who had studied, they demanded for an A-Level school for their children in the greater north and that is how Sir Samuel Baker School in Gulu was built.
James Ojok Onono,
[email protected]