In Summary

One of the fastest growing suburbs in Wakiso District is Kabuuma. The suburb attracts people looking to construct new buildings for both domestic and business purposes

Kabuuma is located in Busabaala Parish, Wakiso District and is about 13km from Kampala City centre. Mr Joseph Ssali, who works as a mason in Kampala, bought a plot of land in Kabuuma for Shs7 million to build a house. Ssali says Kabuuma has all the basic amenities that a resident would need and its proximity to Kampala is an added advantage.
Ms Elizabeth Nabbanja has lived in Kabuuma for the past 20 years. She says the place is growing fast with land and house buyers coming in everyday.

Tenure, houses and Prices
Most of the inhabitants in the area are ‘bibanja’ holders who pay adherence to Buganda Land Board. Most of the land here is governed by Mailo land tenure system.
However, Ms Constance Nakityo, a resident in the area, reveals that there is some land under free hold system.

Rent Mr Edward Ssenteza, a resident of the village, reveals that there are many houses available for rent ranging from Shs80, 000 for a single room to Shs250, 000 for a self-contained one bedroom house in a fenced-off compound.
A spacious self-contained single bedroom house with ample parking space goes for Shs300, 000 and renting a two-bedroom house costs from Shs480, 000 and more.
Land for sale Mr Apolo Musinde a land broker in the area explains that a 100x100 ft. piece of land will cost you Shs32 million and Shs 18million for 50x100 ft. However, prices depend on proximity to the road and social amenities like schools and medical centres.
Mr Ssenteza advises that it better for one to personally scout the area, talk to residents and local leaders and get in contact with the real owners of the properties on sell rather than use brokers. Brokers charge exorbitantly for their services and are sometimes dishonest.
Swamps Kabuuma has many swampy areas which are unfortunately being encroached on. A land buyer should therefore be cautious not to be duped into buying land in areas gazetted as wetlands. Mr Ssenteza a resident in the area on the village called Kunsuwa explains that given that the real estate market is growing, one must consult local council authorities and residents before buying land. This area has had many cases of fake land deals.
“We have many absentee land lords, some places are prohibited, and the others are subject to ongoing legal proceedings” Ssenteza warns.
Even though the access roads to Kabuuma are yet to be tarmacked, the murrum roads are well maintained by Wakiso District.
Investment opportunities
Mr Andrew Kizito, a resident in the area explained that the place is well-suited for apartments for rent.
He said for those looking to build homes, the expanse of land can accommodate houses with farms and huge backyards.

Swampy Areas
Due to the number of swamps in the area, it is advisable that one physically visit any property of interest to establish what exactly is on ground. Brokers although they are resourceful can sometimes be deliberately misleading.