I write in reference to a story I recently read in the media titled ‘Trade minister opposes ban on Kaveera’. This was a surprising move after Parliament banned the importation, manufacture and use of Kaveera (polythene bags).
Included in the Environment Bill 2018, are many commitments by nations to stem the dangers of plastic pollution on the environment, water bodies and the enormous threat on public health.

To reinforce this move, the High Court presided over by Justice Eldad Mwangusya declared that the importation and use of ‘Kaveera’ violates the right of citizens to a clean and healthy environment.
This followed a successful petition in 2002 that was filed by Green Watch, a non-governmental organisation, whose primary role is to protect the environment from abuse, pollution and degradation. National Environment Management Authority (Nema) was a respondent.

All this was meant to be for greater good. Uganda is ready to pass laws that favour its people and it is not a failed state, but a state that fails.
However, Nema, which is tasked to conserve the environment tried to implement the ban as stipulated in the law and supported by a court directive, their efforts were halted by government, hence frustrating its efforts.
Nelson Kukundakwe,
[email protected]