In Summary
  • Chris Ssenyonjo, a resident, says the area’s security has greatly improved since police are vigilant.

Kirowooza is located a few kilometres from Mukono Town, next to Uganda Christian University. A few years back, it was a remote area known for harbouring criminals. However, it has now changed into a residential area for mostly university students and the elite.

According to John Baptist Kibirige, the area chairperson, a few years back, people from Kyaggwe County in Buganda Kingdom used to take their gifts directly to the king. They would also advise the king on security and economic issues.
Among the intellectuals was Mulowooza, a great thinker and wise man. In order to reward him for his services, the Kabaka gave Mulowooza a huge chunk of land and appointed him chief thinker of the kingdom. Mulowooza’s chiefdom was later named Kirowooza in his memory. His relatives also constructed Kirowooza house, located in the town centre, in remembrance of his dedicated service to Buganda Kingdom.

Land marks
With Uganda Christian University approximately two kilometres from the area, the population has grown tremendously with hundreds of students residing there. This has led to the establishment of a number of businesses to cater for the high demand of goods and services by mostly university students. The area also has prominent secondary schools such as Our Lady of Africa Senior Secondary School.

Land and accommodation
There are plenty of good houses and apartments. Moses Sekitoleko, a property developer, says renting a one-bedroom apartment will cost you between Shs500,000 and Shs1m per semester. He adds that a one-bedroom family house goes for between Shs300,000 and Shs600,000.
Kibirige says in the past they could acquire land cheaply. For example, in the early 1990s, land would go for as low as Shs200,000. “In 1991, I bought my plot of land (50 by 100) at Shs230,000 but due to the increasing population the price of land has more than doubled,” he says.
A 50*50ft plot of land will cost you Shs80m. However, Ssekitoleko says if you find someone desperate for money for school fees or other needs, you can get the same plot at between Shs40m and Shs50m.

Chris Ssenyonjo, a resident, says the area’s security has greatly improved since police are vigilant.

“In the past people used to go through Kirowooza past 7am because there were many iron bar hitmen who used to terrorise the area. However, nowadays police carry out routine patrols and people are able to carry on with their business and daily activities without any fear,” he says.

Economic activities
Kibirige says because of the increasing number of students, rentals and hostels are the most common economic activities in the area. “Most property developers are building hostels and rentals since there is ready market from students,” says. Other notable businesses are restaurants, bookstores and bars.