Irene Mukuye, businesswoman
I have learnt a lot of things from my mother including being trustworthy, patient and clean. You will never find me doing something nasty in the name of getting money; I am always patient and hopeful. I will never take what doesn’t belong to me even if it is Shs100, this has earned me trust from people. Being clean and organized has drawn many clients to my business thus growing my income base.

Grace Nakigozi, Businesswoman
Mother taught me how to pray and trust in God. Being hard working, responsible and respectful are among the other things I learnt from her. This has helped me fit in the society. I truthfully face challenges and find lasting solutions to them. Being a well discipline person has helped me relate well with people and it’s through this that I have been able to gain people’s trust.

Lillian Namulondo, Teacher
I appreciate the fact that my mother taught me to be hard working, unlike being a tough woman with an impoverished back ground; she found her way out and raised us single handedly. Being the only girl child in the family, she managed to instill in me virtues of humility, care and sharing.

So, it is through hard work and perseverance that I have managed to achieve like constructing a house and taking care of my siblings. If I did not learn how to work, love and care for others, I would be selfish. I am also of help to the people I work with, courtesy of my mother.

Victoria Lukwago, S6 vacation
My mother is a low income earner, but during my time at school, mother would do odd jobs to pay school fees, She taught me how to fry cassava during holidays, and that’s how I managed to save my pocket money. I am now in my senior six vacation but having learnt to be creative, I decided to set up a juice business.

The money I am saving now is going to be of help while at university. I also learnt to be patient. Mother always told me that there is no permanent situation in life. I know that although patient delays, it pays so long as one is hard working and creative.

Jackie Kanaabi, Manager
It’s because of my mother that I learnt to be patient no matter how hard or difficult the situation might be. I remember a scenario where she was financially strained et with a lot of needs including our school fees.

she got worried since my sister and I were in a candidate class but through perseverance and trust in God, she managed and overcame the situation. Till now, she cautions me never to lose hope but have trust in God since he knows when to give.

Christine Namuganga, Sales Executive
Never to be discriminative. We grEw up with other children at our home but I remember mother treating us the same way irrespective of the families where the other children came from. This has helped me learn and know the goodness of giving equal treatment and respect to people, irrespective of their status. This has also earned me love and consideration from the people I work with including my relatives.