It is bad to see an institution like Makerere University that is regarded as one of the best universities in Africa drop in rating from the 4th position to the 11th position in a recent ranking of universities in Africa by webometrics.

This has negative impact on our education system. The confusing part is that some people are failing to realise that we are victimising our own country.

The country’s oldest institution has seen its revenue, mainly collected from students in form of tuition drop from Shs99.1b in 2015 to Shs89.3b in 2017.

In 2016, the officials were only able to raise Shs94.9b. The main problem is poor management and I think this is where Parliament should intervene and ascertain what kind of leadership the university needs.

Makerere University’s non-tax revenue has fallen by Shs18b in the last three years. Vice Chancellor Prof Barnabas Nawangwe said the fall in revenue constrained the university’s activities, but he didn’t specify which areas had been affected.

As a leader, if the non-tax revenue continues to fall, then it means that many activities will be fore gone due to insufficient funds.

Yet without funds, it can’t compete with the best universities around the globe. Still, proper management is the way forward for Makerere University to gain its former glory.

Kevin Seguya,
[email protected]