Early this year, I started going to the gym but my lazy expectations were quickly quashed and I found out it would not be as easy as I had thought.
The very first day I attended, my instructor put me on a diet schedule where I was limited on the kind of food I could eat.

I was advised to avoid junk food because of the number of calories it contains and fizzy drinks such as soda.

I also had to avoid oily foods and since my intension was to loose weight, I resorted to eating only boiled food. To make sure that I get exactly what I want, I try as much as possible to cook my own food at home and also make my own juice.

What I eat
I also take a lot of fluids especially warm water and freshly squeezed juice which helps to keep me hydrated and my skin radiant and smooth, the reason I do not have to buy a lot of cosmetics to look beautiful.

For breakfast, I take a fruit and a glass of juice and sometimes milk. My lunch which is my main meal comprises plenty of vegetables, minimal carbohydrate and protein. I rarely eat supper and instead eat fruits. This is because my instructor tells me that food that is eaten after 8pm is never digested the reason most people gain weight.

I sleep for at least eight hours every night. I also walk to and from work every day to strengthen my muscles and also as a way of exercising. Above all, I stick to my instructor’s orders in order to not go astray.