Tell us about yourself briefly?
I am the Chief Executive Officer of Royal Medical Tourism and Royal Education Consultancy. I am 33 years old and I love to come up with new ideas, giving them reality in business. I am the first born in a proud Ngeye clan family of five (three boys and two girls) and I live in Rubaga, Kabowa. I am so passionate about human health and education.

What is medical tourism?
Health tourism is much more associated with medical tourism, yet the two actually differ. Health tourism is predominantly a service industry, making health services more tradable with global commodities. It is a significant new innovation where we move patients across borders in pursuit of medical treatment and healthcare a phenomenon commonly termed “medical tourism”

What do you like most about what you do?
To me, it is much more of transforming someone’s health, guiding them through the best and affordable facilities. It makes me feel that I have added value to someone’s life, with the new engine of belief in their life.

What inspired you to start this?
It all began when I was Ugandan University President at Bangalore University. I used to guide patients to good referral hospitals especially through our high commission of Uganda in India, Delhi; providing them with the best packages of affordable monthly stay along with a good referral hospital possessing specialties of that particular health issue.

Due to that service patients began giving me references.So far, it has been eight years of good service based in India before I decided to bring it down here to avail those services for people with zero knowledge of what really takes place during the medical travel.

Is this what you have always wanted to do?
Charity would have sounded better, in this regard however, carrying out charity only without solving the root of the problem would not be fulfilling and it would be like some sort of imbalance. Yes, this is the right job for me currently.
How has your work impacted you?
As an individual and due to my faith, this is always a wakeup call from God. Seeing people with such health issues, it elevates me to know more about God. On the other hand, this widens a cloud of useful associates with great potential in widening knowledge for business.

What is your advice for people who want to enter this business?
It is all about having firm knowledge about what you are diving into. Having the right referral hospitals, having a cream of specialties, holding confidentialities of patients and respecting them during their struggle.

Are you married?
Marriage is something that reflects responsibility. I believe in taking one step at a time for there is never need to rush something this crucial. It is a lifetime commitment. I am seeing someone though I have not yet made it official for us to have children. I am trying to obey religion.

Any particular female celebrity you crush on?
All the female celebrities out there have no social impact on me to the extent that I hardly pay attention to their music. However, I like all of them but hold no crush of emotional attention.

How do you strike a balance between your personal and work life?
With this current economic heat wave affecting everyone regardless of your status, creativity is the only solution for situations. You have to sell ideas of making life better to those who are struggling to make a living and restore hope to them. It calls for balancing what is necessary and good for each of us with the right note in time.

What excites you in a relationship?
To me, it is a woman’s beauty which is seen through her humility and this is where I draw the excitement from. This is the bottom line for me and I tend not to focus on personal attributes.

Which kind of woman turns you off?
One who does not hold her cultural norms and faith as one. I give much respect to culture and morality.

What is your definition of love?
Love is something which lives within you and is also shared with those around you with compassion like a tree that has it all.

Education level
“Our parents wanted us to have both religious education and that of material universe. They used to bring religious tutors home during the holidays to lecture us Islam.

I started off with Nakasero Primary School and finished at Kibuli Demonstration School, Secondary was at Gombe Senior Secondary School and Mbogo Mixed Senior Secondary School with O and A’level respectively.

I then joined Islamic University in Uganda Mbale campus for a Diploma in IT and Computer Science, then finally a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Application, specialising in software engineering at Bangalore University in India.”